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MAINT-442: [PUBLIC]Unable to change parcel restrictions for a scripts-disabled
parcel in a damage-enabled region. Reviewed by Kelly

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 	BOOL allow_damage		= !self->mCheckSafe->get();
 	BOOL allow_fly			= self->mCheckFly->get();
 	BOOL allow_landmark		= TRUE; // cannot restrict landmark creation
-	BOOL allow_group_scripts	= self->mCheckGroupScripts->get() || self->mCheckOtherScripts->get();
 	BOOL allow_other_scripts	= self->mCheckOtherScripts->get();
+	BOOL allow_group_scripts	= self->mCheckGroupScripts->get() || allow_other_scripts;
 	BOOL allow_publish		= FALSE;
 	BOOL mature_publish		= self->mMatureCtrl->get();
 	BOOL push_restriction	= self->mPushRestrictionCtrl->get();
 	LLViewerRegion* region;
 	region = LLViewerParcelMgr::getInstance()->getSelectionRegion();
-	if (!allow_other_scripts && region && region->getAllowDamage())
-	{
-		LLNotificationsUtil::add("UnableToDisableOutsideScripts");
-		return;
+	if (region && region->getAllowDamage())
+	{	// Damage is allowed on the region - server will always allow scripts
+		if ( (!allow_other_scripts && parcel->getParcelFlag(PF_ALLOW_OTHER_SCRIPTS)) ||
+			 (!allow_group_scripts && parcel->getParcelFlag(PF_ALLOW_GROUP_SCRIPTS)) )
+		{	// Don't allow turning off "Run Scripts" if damage is allowed in the region
+			self->mCheckOtherScripts->set(parcel->getParcelFlag(PF_ALLOW_OTHER_SCRIPTS));	// Restore UI to actual settings
+			self->mCheckGroupScripts->set(parcel->getParcelFlag(PF_ALLOW_GROUP_SCRIPTS));
+			LLNotificationsUtil::add("UnableToDisableOutsideScripts");
+			return;
+		}
 	// Push data into current parcel
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