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Monty Brandenberg  committed 52902fc

Cleaning up comments, names, miscellany.

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File indra/llcorehttp/_httpinternal.h

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- * @file httpinternal.h
+ * @file _httpinternal.h
  * @brief Implementation constants and magic numbers
  * $LicenseInfo:firstyear=2012&license=viewerlgpl$
 // Maxium number of policy classes that can be defined.
-// *FIXME:  Currently limited to the default class, extend.
+// *TODO:  Currently limited to the default class, extend.
 const int POLICY_CLASS_LIMIT = 1;
 // Debug/informational tracing.  Used both

File indra/llcorehttp/_httpreadyqueue.h

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 /// important of those rules is that any iterator becomes invalid
 /// on element erasure.  So pay attention.
+/// If LLCORE_READY_QUEUE_IGNORES_PRIORITY tests true, the class
+/// implements a std::priority_queue interface but on std::deque
+/// behavior to eliminate sensitivity to priority.  In the future,
+/// this will likely become the only behavior or it may become
+/// a run-time election.
 /// Threading:  not thread-safe.  Expected to be used entirely by
 /// a single thread, typically a worker thread of some sort.