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Do the proper fix this time...

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 		// Reset defaults
 		online_status	= "unknown";
-		title			= (std::string)titles[0];
+		title			= titles[0].asString();
 		contribution	= 0;
 		member_powers	= default_powers;
 		is_owner		= false;
-			online_status = (std::string)member_info["last_login"];
+			online_status = member_info["last_login"].asString();
 			if(online_status == "Online")
 				online_status = LLTrans::getString("group_member_status_online");
-			title = (std::string)titles[member_info["title"].asInteger()];
+			title = titles[member_info["title"].asInteger()].asString();
 			member_powers = llstrtou64(member_info["powers"].asString().c_str(), NULL, 16);
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