Scott Lawrence avatar Scott Lawrence committed 60eab1e

WOLF-318: change default verbosity of some unit tests to keep them out of the logs when passing
WOLF-363: (partial) correct ordering of cleaning build dir vs running
'autobuild install'

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-# Install packages.
-"$AUTOBUILD" install --skip-license-check
 # Now run the build
   begin_section "Do$variant"
   build_dir=`build_dir_$arch $variant`
+  begin_section "PreClean"
   rm -rf "$build_dir"
+  end_section "PreClean"
   mkdir -p "$build_dir"
   mkdir -p "$build_dir/tmp"
-  #export TMP="$build_dir/tmp"
+  # Install packages.
+  begin_section "AutobuildInstall" 
+  "$AUTOBUILD" install --verbose --skip-license-check
+  end_section "AutobuildInstall" 
   if pre_build "$variant" "$build_dir" >> "$build_log" 2>&1
     if $build_link_parallel


 import errno
 import socket
-VERBOSE = os.environ.get("INTEGRATION_TEST_VERBOSE", "1") # default to verbose
+VERBOSE = os.environ.get("INTEGRATION_TEST_VERBOSE", "0") # default to quiet
 # Support usage such as INTEGRATION_TEST_VERBOSE=off -- distressing to user if
 # that construct actually turns on verbosity...
 VERBOSE = not re.match(r"(0|off|false|quiet)$", VERBOSE, re.IGNORECASE)
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