davep avatar davep committed 61941f3

reapply a577ec5b3e5f: Fix for linux build (skip llhttpclient unit tests that post to google.com)

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 static LLFastTimer::DeclareTimer FTM_PROCESS_URL_REQUEST("URL Request");
+static LLFastTimer::DeclareTimer FTM_PROCESS_URL_REQUEST_GET_RESULT("Get Result");
+static LLFastTimer::DeclareTimer FTM_URL_PERFORM("Perform");
 // virtual
 LLIOPipe::EStatus LLURLRequest::process_impl(
 		LLIOPipe::EStatus status = STATUS_BREAK;
-		static LLFastTimer::DeclareTimer FTM_URL_PERFORM("Perform");
 			LLFastTimer t(FTM_URL_PERFORM);
 			CURLcode result;
-			static LLFastTimer::DeclareTimer FTM_PROCESS_URL_REQUEST_GET_RESULT("Get Result");
 			bool newmsg = false;
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