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VWR-17644 undo old 'es' overrides

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 			<text name="tex gen">
-			<combo_box name="combobox texgen" width="86">
+			<combo_box name="combobox texgen">
 				<combo_box.item label="Por defecto" name="Default"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="Plano" name="Planar"/>
 			<check_box label="Voltear" name="checkbox flip s"/>
 			<spinner label="Vertical (V)" name="TexScaleV"/>
 			<check_box label="Voltear" name="checkbox flip t"/>
-			<spinner label="Rotación" left="118" name="TexRot" width="62"/>
-			<spinner label="Repeticiones / Metro" left="118" name="rptctrl" width="62"/>
-			<button label="Aplicar" label_selected="Aplicar" left_delta="72" name="button apply"/>
+			<spinner label="Rotación" name="TexRot"/>
+			<spinner label="Repeticiones / Metro" name="rptctrl"/>
+			<button label="Aplicar" label_selected="Aplicar" name="button apply"/>
 			<text name="tex offset">
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