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Kyle Ambroff  committed 61e3482

svn merge -r128876:129999 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/server/server-1.30 --> trunk

QAR-1775: Merging changes 1.27.2 and 1.30 fixes from server-1.30.

Conflicts (trivial, kept trunk for both):
C indra/llcommon/llversionserver.h
C scripts/automated_build_scripts/opensource.sh

1.27.2 Changes:
* DEV-37308: First agent-to-agent L$ transaction following dataserver restart
fails with LindenDollar_BadClockSkew.
* DEV-36758 (SVC-4644): login.cgi script calculates AO support based on viewer
version, and gets it wrong.
* DEV-20331 (VWR-7062): Script runtime errors aren't using DEBUG_CHANNEL any
* DEV-25483 (SVC-4457): Blacklisting flakey UploadBakedTexture capabability.
* DEV-33171: Preventing apache from loading extraneous modules
* DEV-37200: changed teleport_throttle_interval to -1 to disable TP throttle
* DEV-30064 (SVC-4060): Two transaction notifications on upload
* DEV-32766: fix --all-centrals option for make_deploy_group.py
* DEV-35714: If a region has no agents, don't bother giving a 5 minute warning.
* Fix inaccurate multiagent-chat metrics.
* Automated build system fixes.

1.30 Changes:
* DEV-35714: If a region has no agents, don't bother giving a 5 minute warning.
* DEV-37435: farm_distribute should remove hosts that report ssh problems from
the group_maps.
* DEV-8159: farm_deploy now skips hosts it can't ssh to, saving about 34 seconds
per down host.
* DEV-35967: farm will validate that a given deploy group is valid XML and do a
little more input validation.
* DEV-37426: farm now supports --deploy-to-host and won't accept some
conflicting options.
* DEV-32772: farm now logs all output to a script file by default
* DEV-32852: farm_upgrade_schema should have a manual way to mark a schema
change as applied.
* Various deploy tool fixes.

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