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Ramzi Ramey  committed 645599d

Also change the capitalization of some terms in strings.xml

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File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/strings.xml

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 	<string name="tga texture">tga texture</string>
 	<string name="body part">body part</string>
 	<string name="snapshot">snapshot</string>
-	<string name="lost and found">lost and found</string>
+	<string name="lost and found">Lost and Found</string>
 	<string name="targa image">targa image</string>
-	<string name="trash">trash</string>
+	<string name="trash">Trash</string>
 	<string name="jpeg image">jpeg image</string>
 	<string name="animation">animation</string>
 	<string name="gesture">gesture</string>