Vadim Savchuk  committed 6548aa0

EXT-8524 FIXED Non-ASCII character corruption in date.

Convert formatted date from system charset to UTF-8 on Windows (other OSes don't require this).

See for more details.

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File indra/llcommon/lldate.cpp

 	// use strftime() as it appears to be faster than std::time_put
 	char buffer[128];
 	strftime(buffer, 128, fmt.c_str(), gmt);
-	return std::string(buffer);
+	std::string res(buffer);
+	// Convert from locale-dependant charset to UTF-8 (EXT-8524).
+	res = ll_convert_string_to_utf8_string(res);
+	return res;
 void LLDate::toStream(std::ostream& s) const