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SOCIAL-762 FIX Viewer crash if first startup (with cleared settings.xml file) is in Advanced mode

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 void toggle_destination_and_avatar_picker(const LLSD& show)
 	S32 panel_idx = show.isDefined() ? show.asInteger() : -1;
-	LLView* container = gViewerWindow->getRootView()->getChildView("avatar_picker_and_destination_guide_container");
+	LLView* container = gViewerWindow->getRootView()->findChildView("avatar_picker_and_destination_guide_container");
+	if (!container) return;
 	LLMediaCtrl* destinations = container->findChild<LLMediaCtrl>("destination_guide_contents");
 	LLMediaCtrl* avatar_picker = container->findChild<LLMediaCtrl>("avatar_picker_contents");
+	if (!destinations || !avatar_picker) return;
 	LLButton* avatar_btn = gViewerWindow->getRootView()->getChildView("bottom_tray")->getChild<LLButton>("avatar_btn");
 	LLButton* destination_btn = gViewerWindow->getRootView()->getChildView("bottom_tray")->getChild<LLButton>("destination_btn");
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