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DN-181 Chat & IM logs saved in unreadable .llsd instead of .txt - fixing saving of p2p logs

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File indra/newview/llimview.cpp

 void LLIMModel::LLIMSession::onAvatarNameCache(const LLUUID& avatar_id, const LLAvatarName& av_name)
-	if (av_name.getLegacyName().empty())
+	if (av_name.mLegacyFirstName.empty())
-		// if display names is off the legacy name will be the display name
+		// if mLegacyFirstName is empty it means display names is off and the 
+		// data came from the gCacheName, mDisplayName will be the legacy name
 		mHistoryFileName = LLCacheName::cleanFullName(av_name.mDisplayName);