VirLinden avatar VirLinden committed 6be262a

For EXT-3448: New attachments detach after relog. Added a check that the only objects deleted by LLAppearanceManager are links. Probably not the cause of disappearing objects in this bug, but a good safety feature.

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 		LLViewerInventoryItem *item = items.get(i);
 		if (keep_outfit_links && (item->getActualType() == LLAssetType::AT_LINK_FOLDER))
-		gInventory.purgeObject(item->getUUID());
+		if (item->getIsLinkType())
+		{
+			gInventory.purgeObject(item->getUUID());
+		}
 		else if (areMatchingWearables(vitem,inv_item))
-			gInventory.purgeObject(inv_item->getUUID());
+			if (inv_item->getIsLinkType())
+			{
+				gInventory.purgeObject(inv_item->getUUID());
+			}
 	if (linked_already)
 	for (S32 i=0; i<item_array.count(); i++)
 		const LLInventoryItem* item = item_array.get(i).get();
-		if (item->getLinkedUUID() == item_id)
+		if (item->getIsLinkType() && item->getLinkedUUID() == item_id)
-			const LLUUID& item_id = item_array.get(i)->getUUID();
-			gInventory.purgeObject(item_id);
+			gInventory.purgeObject(item->getUUID());
 	if (do_update)
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