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WIP INTL-46 Traditional Chinese translation for Set23TW (120829)

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File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_aaa.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="Test Floater" title="測試浮動視窗">
 	<string name="test_the_vlt">
-		This string CHANGE2 is extracted.
+		字串 CHANGE2 已抽取。
 	<string name="testing_eli">
 		這只是測試 - 變更。

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_about.xml

 	<floater.string name="AboutCompiler">
-		Built with [COMPILER] version [COMPILER_VERSION]
 	<floater.string name="AboutPosition">
-		You are at [POSITION_0,number,1], [POSITION_1,number,1], [POSITION_2,number,1] in [REGION] located at &lt;nolink&gt;[HOSTNAME]&lt;/nolink&gt; ([HOSTIP])
+		你的方位是 [POSITION_0,number,1], [POSITION_1,number,1], [POSITION_2,number,1],地區名:[REGION],主機:&lt;nolink&gt;[HOSTNAME]&lt;/nolink&gt; ([HOSTIP])
 	<floater.string name="AboutSystem">
 	<floater.string name="AboutDriver">
-		Windows Graphics Driver Version: [GRAPHICS_DRIVER_VERSION]
+		Windows 顯示驅動程式版本:[GRAPHICS_DRIVER_VERSION]
 	<floater.string name="AboutLibs">
-		OpenGL Version: [OPENGL_VERSION]
 libcurl 版本: [LIBCURL_VERSION]
 J2C 解碼器版本: [J2C_VERSION]
 		<panel label="資訊" name="support_panel">
 			<button label="覆製到剪貼簿" name="copy_btn"/>
-		<panel label="Credits" name="credits_panel">
+		<panel label="貸記" name="credits_panel">
 			<text_editor name="credits_editor">
-				Second Life is brought to you by ..., and many others.
+				「第二人生」由……等多人協力開發。
-Thank you to the following Residents for helping to ensure that this is the best version yet: ..., and many others.
-&quot;The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dreams shall never die&quot; - Edward Kennedy
-		<panel label="Licenses" name="licenses_panel">
+		<panel label="許可" name="licenses_panel">
 			<text_editor name="credits_editor">
 				3Dconnexion SDK Copyright (C) 1992-2007 3Dconnexion
 APR Copyright (C) 2000-2004 The Apache Software Foundation
 zlib Copyright (C) 1995-2002 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.
 google-perftools Copyright (c) 2005, Google Inc.
-All rights reserved.  See licenses.txt for details.
+保留一切權利。  詳情見 licenses.txt。
-語音聊天音頻編碼:Polycom(R) Siren14(TM) (ITU-T Rec. G.722.1 Annex C)
+語音聊天音頻技術:Polycom(R) Siren14(TM) (ITU-T Rec. G.722.1 Annex C)

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_about_land.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
-<floater name="floaterland" title="關於土地">
+<floater name="floaterland" title="土地資料">
 	<floater.string name="maturity_icon_general">
 	<floater.string name="Minutes">
-		[MINUTES] minutes
+		[MINUTES] 分鐘
 	<floater.string name="Minute">
-		minute
+		分鐘
 	<floater.string name="Seconds">
-		[SECONDS] seconds
 	<floater.string name="Remaining">
-		remaining
+		剩餘時間
 	<tab_container name="landtab">
 		<panel label="一般" name="land_general_panel">
 			<panel.string name="new users only">
-				New Residents only
+				僅限新居民
 			<panel.string name="anyone">
-				Anyone
+				任何人
 			<panel.string name="area_text">
 			<panel.string name="area_size_text">
-				[AREA] 
+				[AREA] 平方公尺
 			<panel.string name="auction_id_text">
-				Auction ID: [ID]
+				拍賣 ID[ID]
 			<panel.string name="need_tier_to_modify">
-				You must approve your purchase to modify this land.
+				你必須批准購買才能修改這塊土地。
 			<panel.string name="group_owned_text">
-				(群組所擁有)
+				(群組所擁有)
 			<panel.string name="profile_text">
 			<panel.string name="sale_pending_text">
-				(Sale Pending)
+				(擱置銷售)
 			<panel.string name="no_selection_text">
-				No parcel selected.
+				未選擇地段。
 			<panel.string name="time_stamp_template">
 				[wkday,datetime,local] [mth,datetime,local] [day,datetime,local] [hour,datetime,local]:[min,datetime,local]:[second,datetime,local] [year,datetime,local]
 			<text name="LandTypeText">
-				Mainland / Homestead
+				大陸 / 家園
 			<text name="ContentRating">
 			<text name="Owner:">
-				擁有者
+				所有人
 			<text name="Group:">
 			<button label="設定" name="Set..."/>
-			<check_box label="允許讓渡給群組" name="check deed" tool_tip="A group officer can deed this land to the group, so it will be supported by the group&apos;s land allocation."/>
-			<button label="讓渡" name="Deed..." tool_tip="You may only deed land if you are an officer in the selected group."/>
-			<check_box label="Owner Makes Contribution With Deed" name="check contrib" tool_tip="When the land is deeded to the group, the former owner contributes enough land allocation to support it."/>
+			<check_box label="允許讓渡給群組" name="check deed" tool_tip="群組工作人員可將這土地讓渡給群組,使其得到群組土地配置的支援。"/>
+			<button label="讓渡" name="Deed..." tool_tip="你必須是所選群組的工作人員才能讓渡土地。"/>
+			<check_box label="所有人透過讓渡動作進行捐獻" name="check contrib" tool_tip="將土地讓渡給群組,表示上一個所有人會捐獻足夠土地來支持讓渡。"/>
 			<text name="For Sale:">
-				出售:
+				出售
 			<text name="Not for sale.">
 			<text name="For Sale: Price L$[PRICE].">
-				Price: L$[PRICE] (L$[PRICE_PER_SQM]/m²)
+				價格:L$[PRICE] L$[PRICE_PER_SQM]/平方公尺)
 			<button label="出售土地" name="Sell Land..."/>
 			<text name="For sale to">
 			<text name="Sell with landowners objects in parcel.">
-				Objects included in sale
+				物件連帶一起出售
 			<text name="Selling with no objects in parcel.">
-				Objects not included in sale
+				此次出售不含物件
-			<button label="Cancel Land Sale" label_selected="Cancel Land Sale" name="Cancel Land Sale"/>
+			<button label="取消土地出售" label_selected="取消土地出售" name="Cancel Land Sale"/>
 			<text name="Claimed:">
-				Claimed:
+				已收取:
 			<text name="DateClaimText">
 				Tue Aug 15 13:47:25 2006
 			<text name="PriceText">
-				4048 
+				4048 平方公尺
 			<text name="Traffic:">
 			<button label="為群組購買" name="Buy For Group..."/>
 			<button label="購買通行權" name="Buy Pass..." tool_tip="通行權允許你暫時可出入這塊土地。"/>
 			<button label="放棄土地" name="Abandon Land..."/>
-			<button label="Reclaim Land" name="Reclaim Land..."/>
-			<button label="Linden Sale" name="Linden Sale..." tool_tip="Land must be owned, set content, and not already for auction."/>
+			<button label="收回土地" name="Reclaim Land..."/>
+			<button label="Linden 出售" name="Linden Sale..." tool_tip="土地必須有人擁有、已設有內容,並且不在拍賣中。"/>
 		<panel label="契約" name="land_covenant_panel">
 			<panel.string name="can_resell">
-				Purchased land in this region may be resold.
+				購買這地區的土地允許轉售。
 			<panel.string name="can_not_resell">
-				Purchased land in this region may not be resold.
+				購買這地區的土地不允許轉售。
 			<panel.string name="can_change">
-				Purchased land in this region may be joined or subdivided.
+				購買這地區的土地允許進行合併或分割。
 			<panel.string name="can_not_change">
-				Purchased land in this region may not be joined or subdivided.
+				購買這地區的土地不允許進行合併或分割。
 			<text name="estate_section_lbl">
 			<text name="estate_name_text">
-				mainland
+				大陸
 			<text name="estate_owner_lbl">
-				擁有者
+				所有人
 			<text name="estate_owner_text">
 			<text_editor name="covenant_editor">
-				There is no Covenant provided for this Estate.
+				此領地沒有任何契約要求。
 			<text name="covenant_timestamp_text">
-				Last Modified Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969
+				上次修改於 Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969
 			<text name="region_section_lbl">
 			<text name="region_landtype_text">
-				Mainland / Homestead
+				大陸 / 家園
 			<text name="region_maturity_lbl">
 			<text name="resellable_lbl">
-				Resale:
+				轉售:
 			<text name="resellable_clause">
-				Land in this region may not be resold.
+				這地區的土地不能轉售。
 			<text name="changeable_lbl">
-				Subdivide:
+				分割:
 			<text name="changeable_clause">
-				Land in this region may not be joined/subdivided.
+				這地區的土地不能合併或分割。
 		<panel label="物件" name="land_objects_panel">
 			<panel.string name="objects_available_text">
-				[COUNT] out of [MAX] ([AVAILABLE] available)
+				使用 [MAX] 中的 [COUNT] (剩餘 [AVAILABLE] 可用)
 			<panel.string name="objects_deleted_text">
-				[COUNT] out of [MAX] ([DELETED] will be deleted)
+				目前 [COUNT],最多允許 [MAX] [DELETED] 將被刪除)
 			<text name="parcel_object_bonus">
-				Region Object Bonus Factor: [BONUS]
+				地區物件負荷倍數:[BONUS]
 			<text name="Simulator primitive usage:">
 			<text name="Owned by parcel owner:">
-				地段擁有者所擁有:
+				地段所有人所擁有:
 			<text name="owner_objects_text">
 			<button label="顯示" label_selected="顯示" name="ShowOwner"/>
-			<button label="退回" name="ReturnOwner..." tool_tip="退回物件給它們的擁有者。"/>
+			<button label="退回" name="ReturnOwner..." tool_tip="退回物件給它們的所有人。"/>
 			<text name="Set to group:">
 			<button label="顯示" label_selected="顯示" name="ShowGroup"/>
-			<button label="退回" name="ReturnGroup..." tool_tip="退回物件給它們的擁有者。"/>
+			<button label="退回" name="ReturnGroup..." tool_tip="退回物件給它們的所有人。"/>
 			<text name="Owned by others:">
 			<button label="顯示" label_selected="顯示" name="ShowOther"/>
-			<button label="退回" name="ReturnOther..." tool_tip="退回物件給它們的擁有者。"/>
+			<button label="退回" name="ReturnOther..." tool_tip="退回物件給它們的所有人。"/>
 			<text name="Selected / sat upon:">
-				Selected / sat upon:
+				已選 / 坐在上面:
 			<text name="selected_objects_text">
 			<text name="Autoreturn">
-				Auto return other Residents&apos; objects (minutes, 0 for off):
+				自動送返其他居民的物件(分鐘,設為 0 可取消自動):
 			<text name="Object Owners:">
-				物件擁有者
+				物件所有人
 			<button name="Refresh List" tool_tip="刷新物件清單"/>
 			<button label="退回物件" name="Return objects..."/>
 			<name_list name="owner list">
-				<name_list.columns label="Type" name="type"/>
+				<name_list.columns label="類型" name="type"/>
 				<name_list.columns label="名稱" name="name"/>
-				<name_list.columns label="Count" name="count"/>
-				<name_list.columns label="Most Recent" name="mostrecent"/>
+				<name_list.columns label="計數" name="count"/>
+				<name_list.columns label="最近" name="mostrecent"/>
 		<panel label="選項" name="land_options_panel">
 			<panel.string name="search_disabled_small_tooltip">
-				This option is disabled because this parcel&apos;s area is 128 m² or smaller.
-Only large parcels can be listed in search.
+				這個選項已停用,因為這個地段面積小於 128 平方公尺。
 			<panel.string name="search_disabled_permissions_tooltip">
 			<panel.string name="mature_check_mature_tooltip">
-				Your parcel information or content is considered moderate.
+				你的地段資訊或內容被視為適度成人分級。
 			<panel.string name="mature_check_adult_tooltip">
-				Your parcel information or content is considered adult.
+				你的地段資訊或內容被視為完全成人分級。
 			<panel.string name="landing_point_none">
 			<text name="allow_label">
-			<check_box label="編輯地形" name="edit land check" tool_tip="若勾選則任何人將可以變形你的土地,最好是保持未勾選,因為你隨時可以編輯變更你的土地。"/>
-			<check_box label="飛行" name="check fly" tool_tip="逤勾選則居民可以在你飛行,不然就只能由外面飛入或飛越你的土地。"/>
+			<check_box label="編輯地形" name="edit land check" tool_tip="如果勾選,任何人皆可使你的土地變形。 最好不勾選,因為你隨時可以自行編輯你自己的土地。"/>
+			<check_box label="飛行" name="check fly" tool_tip="如果勾選,居民可在你土地上飛行。 如果不勾選,居民僅可飛越你土地。"/>
 			<text name="allow_label2">
 			<text name="land_options_label">
-			<check_box label="安全(無傷害)" name="check safe" tool_tip="若勾選則設應土地為安全的,傷害性的戰鬥將被關閉。清除勾選後才能進行傷害性的戰鬥。"/>
-			<check_box label="禁止推撞" name="PushRestrictCheck" tool_tip="防止使用腳本推撞。勾選這個選項將可以有效防止你土地上的破壞行為。"/>
+			<check_box label="安全(無傷害)" name="check safe" tool_tip="若勾選,將把土地設為安全,禁絕傷害性的戰鬥。 若未勾選,則允許傷害性的戰鬥。"/>
+			<check_box label="禁止推撞" name="PushRestrictCheck" tool_tip="禁止使用腳本推撞。 勾選這選項可有效防止你土地上出現滋事行為。"/>
 			<check_box label="將地點刊登顯示在搜尋中(L$30 / 每週)" name="ShowDirectoryCheck" tool_tip="讓其他人可以在搜尋結果中看到這塊地段"/>
 			<combo_box name="land category with adult">
 				<combo_box.item label="任何類別" name="item0"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Linden Location" name="item1"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="林登位置" name="item1"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="完全成人" name="item2"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="藝術與文化" name="item3"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="商業" name="item4"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="教育" name="item5"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="遊戲" name="item6"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="聚會所" name="item7"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="新手友善" name="item8"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="公園與自然" name="item9"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="歡迎新手光臨" name="item8"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="公園與自然景觀" name="item9"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="住宅" name="item10"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="採購" name="item11"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Rental" name="item13"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Other" name="item12"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="購物" name="item11"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="出租" name="item13"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="其他" name="item12"/>
 			<combo_box name="land category">
 				<combo_box.item label="任何類別" name="item0"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Linden Location" name="item1"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="林登位置" name="item1"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="藝術與文化" name="item3"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="商業" name="item4"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="教育" name="item5"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="遊戲" name="item6"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="聚會所" name="item7"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="新手友善" name="item8"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="公園與自然" name="item9"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="歡迎新手光臨" name="item8"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="公園與自然景觀" name="item9"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="住宅" name="item10"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="採購" name="item11"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Rental" name="item13"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Other" name="item12"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="購物" name="item11"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="出租" name="item13"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="其他" name="item12"/>
 			<check_box label="適度成人內容" name="MatureCheck" tool_tip=" "/>
 			<text name="Snapshot:">
-			<texture_picker name="snapshot_ctrl" tool_tip="點以挑選圖"/>
+			<texture_picker name="snapshot_ctrl" tool_tip="點以挑選圖"/>
 			<text name="landing_point">
-			<button label="設定" label_selected="設定" name="Set" tool_tip="Sets the landing point where visitors arrive. Sets to your avatar&apos;s location inside this parcel."/>
+			<button label="設定" label_selected="設定" name="Set" tool_tip="設定訪客登陸地點。 設定你的化身在此地段內的位置。"/>
 			<button label="清除" label_selected="清除" name="Clear" tool_tip="清除登陸點"/>
 			<text name="Teleport Routing: ">
-			<combo_box name="landing type" tool_tip="Teleport Routing -- select how to handle teleports onto your land">
-				<combo_box.item label="Blocked" name="Blocked"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Landing Point" name="LandingPoint"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Anywhere" name="Anywhere"/>
+			<combo_box name="landing type" tool_tip="瞬間傳送繞路 -- 設定如何處理前往你土地的瞬間傳送">
+				<combo_box.item label="封鎖的" name="Blocked"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="登陸點" name="LandingPoint"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="任何地點" name="Anywhere"/>
-		<panel label="MEDIA" name="land_media_panel">
+		<panel label="媒體" name="land_media_panel">
 			<text name="with media:">
-			<combo_box name="media type" tool_tip="Specify if the URL is a movie, web page, or other media"/>
+			<combo_box name="media type" tool_tip="指明這 URL 是影片、網頁還是其他媒體類型"/>
 			<text name="at URL:">
 			<text name="Description:">
-			<line_editor name="url_description" tool_tip="Text displayed next to play/load button"/>
+			<line_editor name="url_description" tool_tip="播放 / 載入按鈕旁顯示的文字"/>
 			<text name="Media texture:">
-			<texture_picker name="media texture" tool_tip="點以挑選圖"/>
+			<texture_picker name="media texture" tool_tip="點以挑選圖"/>
 			<text name="replace_texture_help">
-				Objects using this texture will show the movie or web page after you click the play arrow.  Select the thumbnail to choose a different texture.
+				使用此材質的物件,將在你點按「播放」箭頭後播放影片或顯示網頁。  選取縮圖即可選擇不同的材質。
-			<check_box label="自動縮放" name="media_auto_scale" tool_tip="Checking this option will scale the content for this parcel automatically. It may be slightly slower and lower quality visually but no other texture scaling or alignment will be required."/>
-			<text name="media_size" tool_tip="Size to render Web media, leave 0 for default.">
+			<check_box label="自動縮放" name="media_auto_scale" tool_tip="勾選此選項將會在此地段自動變更內容的比例。 速度可能稍慢,視覺效果可能略遜,但不需要調整其他材質的比例或加以對齊。"/>
+			<text name="media_size" tool_tip="網上媒體的顯示尺寸,設 0 將採用預設值。">
-			<spinner name="media_size_width" tool_tip="Size to render Web media, leave 0 for default."/>
-			<spinner name="media_size_height" tool_tip="Size to render Web media, leave 0 for default."/>
+			<spinner name="media_size_width" tool_tip="網上媒體的顯示尺寸,設 0 將採用預設值。"/>
+			<spinner name="media_size_height" tool_tip="網上媒體的顯示尺寸,設 0 將採用預設值。"/>
 			<text name="pixels">
 			<text name="Options:">
-			<check_box label="Loop" name="media_loop" tool_tip="Play media in a loop.  When the media has finished playing, it will restart from the beginning."/>
+			<check_box label="連續" name="media_loop" tool_tip="連續播放媒體。  媒體播放結束後,會從頭繼續播放。"/>
 		<panel label="聲音" name="land_audio_panel">
 			<text name="MusicURL:">
 			<text name="Sound:">
-			<check_box label="Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel" name="check sound local"/>
+			<check_box label="將姿勢和物件的聲音限制於此地段" name="check sound local"/>
 			<text name="Voice settings:">
-				Voice:
+				語音:
-			<check_box label="Enable Voice" name="parcel_enable_voice_channel"/>
-			<check_box label="Enable Voice (established by the Estate)" name="parcel_enable_voice_channel_is_estate_disabled"/>
-			<check_box label="Restrict Voice to this parcel" name="parcel_enable_voice_channel_local"/>
+			<check_box label="啟用語音" name="parcel_enable_voice_channel"/>
+			<check_box label="啟用聲音(由領地所確立)" name="parcel_enable_voice_channel_is_estate_disabled"/>
+			<check_box label="將聲音限制於此地段" name="parcel_enable_voice_channel_local"/>
-		<panel label="ACCESS" name="land_access_panel">
+		<panel label="出入許可" name="land_access_panel">
 			<panel.string name="access_estate_defined">
-				(Defined by the Estate)
+				(由領地定義)
 			<panel.string name="allow_public_access">
-				Allow Public Access ([MATURITY]) (Note: Unchecking this will create ban lines)
+				允許公開出入([MATURITY])(注意:若未勾選,將設立禁越線)
 			<panel.string name="estate_override">
-				One or more of these options is set at the estate level
+				至少一個選項在領地的層級設定
 			<text name="Limit access to this parcel to:">
-				出入此地段
+				此地段出入權
 			<text name="Only Allow">
-				Restrict Access to Residents verified by:
+				僅允許經過如下驗證的居民出入:
-			<check_box label="Payment Information on File [ESTATE_PAYMENT_LIMIT]" name="limit_payment" tool_tip="Ban unidentified Residents."/>
-			<check_box label="年齡驗證 [ESTATE_AGE_LIMIT]" name="limit_age_verified" tool_tip="Ban Residents who have not verified their age. See the [SUPPORT_SITE] for more information."/>
+			<check_box label="預留付款資料 [ESTATE_PAYMENT_LIMIT]" name="limit_payment" tool_tip="禁絕身份不明居民。"/>
+			<check_box label="年齡驗證 [ESTATE_AGE_LIMIT]" name="limit_age_verified" tool_tip="禁止尚未驗證年齡的居民。 參閱 [SUPPORT_SITE] 獲取進一步資訊。"/>
 			<check_box label="允許出入的群組:[GROUP]" name="GroupCheck" tool_tip="設定群組於一般頁籤。"/>
 			<check_box label="出售通行權給:" name="PassCheck" tool_tip="允許暫時出入這個地段"/>
 			<combo_box name="pass_combo">
-				<combo_box.item label="Anyone" name="Anyone"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="任何人" name="Anyone"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="群組" name="Group"/>
-			<spinner label="Price in L$:" name="PriceSpin"/>
-			<spinner label="Hours of access:" name="HoursSpin"/>
+			<spinner label="價格(L$):" name="PriceSpin"/>
+			<spinner label="出入時間:" name="HoursSpin"/>
 			<panel name="Allowed_layout_panel">
-				<text label="Always Allow" name="AllowedText">
-					Allowed Residents
+				<text label="永遠允許" name="AllowedText">
+					允許的居民
-				<name_list name="AccessList" tool_tip="([LISTED] listed, [MAX] max)"/>
+				<name_list name="AccessList" tool_tip="(已列入 [LISTED],最多可列 [MAX]"/>
 				<button label="添加" name="add_allowed"/>
 				<button label="移除" label_selected="移除" name="remove_allowed"/>
 				<text label="禁止" name="BanCheck">
-				<name_list name="BannedList" tool_tip="([LISTED] listed, [MAX] max)"/>
+				<name_list name="BannedList" tool_tip="(已列入 [LISTED],最多可列 [MAX]"/>
 				<button label="添加" name="add_banned"/>
 				<button label="移除" label_selected="移除" name="remove_banned"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_activeim.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
-<floater name="floater_activeim" title="ACTIVE IM"/>
+<floater name="floater_activeim" title="進行中的 IM"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_auction.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
-<floater name="floater_auction" title="START LINDEN LAND SALE">
+<floater name="floater_auction" title="開始 Linden 土地出售">
 	<floater.string name="already for sale">
-		You cannot auction parcels which are already for sale.
+		出售中的地段無法進行拍賣。
-	<check_box initial_value="true" label="Include yellow selection fence" name="fence_check"/>
-	<button label="Snapshot" label_selected="Snapshot" name="snapshot_btn"/>
-	<button label="Sell to Anyone" label_selected="Sell to Anyone" name="sell_to_anyone_btn"/>
+	<check_box initial_value="true" label="包括黃色圍線" name="fence_check"/>
+	<button label="快照" label_selected="快照" name="snapshot_btn"/>
+	<button label="出售給任何人" label_selected="出售給任何人" name="sell_to_anyone_btn"/>
 	<button label="清除設定" label_selected="清除設定" name="reset_parcel_btn"/>
-	<button label="Start Auction" label_selected="Start Auction" name="start_auction_btn"/>
+	<button label="開始拍賣" label_selected="開始拍賣" name="start_auction_btn"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_avatar_picker.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="avatarpicker" title="挑選居民">
 	<floater.string name="not_found">
-		&apos;[TEXT]&apos; not found
+		查無「[TEXT]」
 	<floater.string name="no_one_near">
-		No one near
+		附近無人
 	<floater.string name="no_results">
-		No results
+		沒有結果
 	<floater.string name="searching">
 	<tab_container name="ResidentChooserTabs">
 		<panel label="搜尋" name="SearchPanel">
 			<text name="InstructSearchResidentName">
-				Type part of a person&apos;s name:
+				鍵入人名的一部分:
-			<button label="Go" label_selected="Go" name="Find"/>
+			<button label="前往" label_selected="前往" name="Find"/>
 			<scroll_list name="SearchResults">
 				<columns label="名稱" name="name"/>
 				<columns label="使用者名稱" name="username"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_avatar_textures.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="avatar_texture_debug" title="化身材質">
 	<floater.string name="InvalidAvatar">
+		無效的化身
 	<scroll_container name="profile_scroll">
 		<panel name="scroll_content_panel">
 			<text name="label">
-				Baked
+				確定產出的
 			<text name="composite_label">
-				Composite
+				合成
-			<button label="Dump IDs to Console" label_selected="Dump" name="Dump"/>
+			<button label="傾印 ID 到控制臺" label_selected="傾印" name="Dump"/>
 			<panel name="scroll_content_panel">
 				<texture_picker label="頭髮" name="hair-baked"/>
 				<texture_picker label="頭髮" name="hair_grain"/>
 				<texture_picker label="眼睛" name="eyes-baked"/>
 				<texture_picker label="眼睛" name="eyes_iris"/>
 				<texture_picker label="眼睛半透明" name="eyes_alpha"/>
-				<texture_picker label="上半身半透明" name="upper-baked"/>
+				<texture_picker label="上半身" name="upper-baked"/>
 				<texture_picker label="上半身身體部位" name="upper_bodypaint"/>
 				<texture_picker label="內衣" name="upper_undershirt"/>
 				<texture_picker label="手套" name="upper_gloves"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_beacons.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
-<floater name="beacons" title="BEACONS">
+<floater name="beacons" title="指標">
 	<panel name="beacons_panel">
 		<text name="label_show">
-			Show :
+			顯示:
-		<check_box label="Beacons" name="beacons"/>
-		<check_box label="Highlights" name="highlights"/>
-		<text name="beacon_width_label" tool_tip="Beacon width">
-			Width:
+		<check_box label="指標" name="beacons"/>
+		<check_box label="高亮顯示" name="highlights"/>
+		<text name="beacon_width_label" tool_tip="指標寬度">
+			寬:
 		<text name="label_objects">
-			For these objects:
+			對象物件:
-		<check_box label="Physical" name="physical"/>
-		<check_box label="Scripted" name="scripted"/>
-		<check_box label="Touch only" name="touch_only"/>
-		<check_box label="Sound sources" name="sounds"/>
-		<check_box label="Particle sources" name="particles"/>
-		<check_box label="Media sources" name="moapbeacon"/>
+		<check_box label="物理性" name="physical"/>
+		<check_box label="有腳本" name="scripted"/>
+		<check_box label="僅可觸碰" name="touch_only"/>
+		<check_box label="聲音來源" name="sounds"/>
+		<check_box label="例子來源" name="particles"/>
+		<check_box label="媒體來源" name="moapbeacon"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_build_options.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="build options floater" title="格線選項">
 	<spinner label="格線單位(公尺)" name="GridResolution"/>
-	<spinner label="Grid Extents (meters)" name="GridDrawSize"/>
+	<spinner label="格線延伸範圍(公尺)" name="GridDrawSize"/>
 	<check_box label="貼齊至子單位" name="GridSubUnit"/>
-	<check_box label="View cross-sections" name="GridCrossSection"/>
+	<check_box label="檢視橫剖面" name="GridCrossSection"/>
 	<text name="grid_opacity_label" tool_tip="格線不透明度">

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_bulk_perms.xml

 	<text name="AnyoneLabel">
-	<check_box label="覆製" name="everyone_copy"/>
+	<check_box label="恚庨" name="everyone_copy"/>
 	<text name="NextOwnerLabel">
-		下一個擁有者
+		下一個所有人
 	<check_box label="修改" name="next_owner_modify"/>
-	<check_box label="覆製" name="next_owner_copy"/>
-	<check_box initial_value="true" label="轉移" name="next_owner_transfer" tool_tip="下一個擁有者能送出或轉售這個物件"/>
+	<check_box label="恚庨" name="next_owner_copy"/>
+	<check_box initial_value="true" label="轉移" name="next_owner_transfer" tool_tip="下一個所有人可贈送或轉售這個物件"/>
 	<button label="確定" name="apply"/>
 	<button label="取消" name="close"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_buy_contents.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
-<floater name="floater_buy_contents" title="BUY CONTENTS">
+<floater name="floater_buy_contents" title="購買內容">
 	<floater.string name="no_copy_text">
-		(no copy)
+		(禁止複製)
 	<floater.string name="no_modify_text">
-		(no modify)
+		(禁止修改)
 	<floater.string name="no_transfer_text">
-		(no transfer)
+		(禁止轉讓)
 	<text name="contains_text">
-		[NAME] contains:
+		[NAME] 包含:
 	<text name="buy_text">
-		Buy for L$[AMOUNT] from [NAME]?
+		是否花 L$[AMOUNT]  [NAME] 購買?
 	<check_box label="立即穿上服裝" name="wear_check"/>
 	<button label="購買" label_selected="購買" name="buy_btn"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_buy_currency.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="buy currency" title="購買 L$">
 	<floater.string name="buy_currency">
-		Buy L$ [LINDENS] for approx. [LOCALAMOUNT]
+		購買 L$ [LINDENS],所需花費約為 [LOCALAMOUNT]
 	<text name="info_need_more">
-		你需要更多 L$
+		你的 L$ 不足
 	<text name="contacting">
 		聯接到 LindeX 中...
 	<text name="currency_est">
-		approx. [LOCALAMOUNT]
 	<text name="getting_data">
-		Estimating...
+		估算中…
 	<text name="buy_action">
 		L$ [AMT]
 	<text name="currency_links">
-		[ payment method] | [ currency]
+		[ 付費方法] | [ 幣種] | [ 匯率]
 	<text name="exchange_rate_note">
-		Re-enter amount to see the latest exchange rate.
+		重新輸入金額即可察看最新的匯率。
 	<text name="purchase_warning_repurchase">
-		Confirming this purchase only buys L$, not the object.
+		確認這次購買只是添購 L$,並非購買物件。
 	<text name="purchase_warning_notenough">
-		你並未購買足夠的林登幣,請先添加一些數量
+		你購買的林登幣不足, 請增加數額
 	<button label="立即購買" name="buy_btn"/>
 	<button label="取消" name="cancel_btn"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_buy_land.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="buy land" title="購買土地">
 	<floater.string name="can_resell">
-		May be resold.
+		得以再出售。
 	<floater.string name="can_not_resell">
-		May not be resold.
+		不得再出售。
 	<floater.string name="can_change">
-		May be joined or subdivided.
+		得以合併或分割。
 	<floater.string name="can_not_change">
-		May not be joined or subdivided.
+		不得合併或分割。
 	<floater.string name="cant_buy_for_group">
-		You do not have permission to buy land for your active group.
+		你沒有權限為你當前的群組購買土地。
 	<floater.string name="no_land_selected">
 	<floater.string name="multiple_parcels_selected">
-		Multiple different parcels selected. 
-Try selecting a smaller area.
+		選取了多個不同地段。 
 	<floater.string name="no_permission">
-		You do not have permission to buy land for your active group.
+		你沒有權限為你當前的群組購買土地。
 	<floater.string name="parcel_not_for_sale">
 	<floater.string name="set_to_sell_to_other">
-		The selected parcel is set to sell to another party.
+		所選地段已設為待售給他人。
 	<floater.string name="no_public_land">
-		The selected area has no public land.
+		所選區域內無公共土地。
 	<floater.string name="not_owned_by_you">
-		Land owned by another Resident is selected. 
-Try selecting a smaller area.
+		選取了另一位居民所擁有土地。 
 	<floater.string name="processing">
-		Processing your purchase...
+		正在處理你的購買…
 	<floater.string name="fetching_error">
-		There has been an error while fetching land buying information.
+		擷取購地訊息時發生錯誤。
 	<floater.string name="buying_will">
-		Buying this land will:
+		購買這塊土地後:
 	<floater.string name="buying_for_group">
-		Buying land for group will:
+		為群組購買土地後:
 	<floater.string name="cannot_buy_now">
-		Cannot buy now:
+		現在無法購買:
 	<floater.string name="not_for_sale">
 	<floater.string name="none_needed">
-		none needed
+		不需要
 	<floater.string name="must_upgrade">
 		你持有 [BUYER] m² 土地。
 	<floater.string name="pay_to_for_land">
-		Pay L$ [AMOUNT] to [SELLER] for this land
+		支付 L$ [AMOUNT]  [SELLER] 購買這土地
 	<floater.string name="buy_for_US">
-		Buy L$ [AMOUNT] for approx. [LOCAL_AMOUNT],
+		購買 L$ [AMOUNT],所需花費約為 [LOCAL_AMOUNT]
 	<floater.string name="parcel_meters">
-		這個地段 [AMOUNT] 
+		這個地段 [AMOUNT] 平方公尺
 	<floater.string name="premium_land">
-		This land is premium, and will charge as [AMOUNT] m².
+		這土地屬於高價地段,將計為 [AMOUNT] 平方公尺。
 	<floater.string name="discounted_land">
-		This land is discounted, and will charge as [AMOUNT] m².
+		這土地有折扣,將計為 [AMOUNT] 平方公尺。
 	<floater.string name="meters_supports_object">
-		[AMOUNT] m²
-supports [AMOUNT2] objects
+		[AMOUNT] 平方公尺
+支援 [AMOUNT2] 項物件
 	<floater.string name="sold_with_objects">
-		sold with objects
+		含物件出售
 	<floater.string name="sold_without_objects">
-		objects not included
+		不含物件
 	<floater.string name="info_price_string">
-		L$ [PRICE]
-(L$ [PRICE_PER_SQM]/m²)
+		L$[PRICE]
+(L$ [PRICE_PER_SQM]/平方公尺)
 	<floater.string name="insufficient_land_credits">
-		The group [GROUP] will need sufficient contributed land use credits to cover this parcel before the purchase will complete.
+		群組 [GROUP] 需先有足夠的捐地使用額度來支應這個地段,才可完成購買。
 	<floater.string name="have_enough_lindens">
-		You have L$ [AMOUNT], which is enough to buy this land.
+		你有 L$ [AMOUNT],足以購買這土地。
 	<floater.string name="not_enough_lindens">
-		You have only L$ [AMOUNT], and need L$ [AMOUNT2] more.
+		你只有 L$ [AMOUNT],尚缺 L$ [AMOUNT2]
 	<floater.string name="balance_left">
-		After the purchase, you will have L$ [AMOUNT] left.
+		購買後,你將剩餘 L$ [AMOUNT]
 	<floater.string name="balance_needed">
-		You need to buy at least L$ [AMOUNT] to afford this land.
+		你至少必須購買 L$ [AMOUNT] 才能添購這土地。
 	<floater.string name="no_parcel_selected">
-		(無地段被選擇
+		(未選擇地段
 	<text name="region_name_label">
 	<text name="estate_owner_label">
-		領地擁有者
+		領地所有人
 	<text name="estate_owner_text">
 	<text name="resellable_changeable_label">
-		Purchased land in this region:
+		在本地區已購土地:
 	<text name="resellable_clause">
-		May or may not be resold.
+		是否可再售出。
 	<text name="changeable_clause">
-		May or may not be joined or subdivided.
+		是否可合併或分割。
 	<text name="covenant_text">
-		You must agree to the Estate Covenant:
+		你必須同意領地契約:
 	<text_editor name="covenant_editor">
-	<check_box label="I Agree to the Covenant Defined Above." name="agree_covenant"/>
+	<check_box label="我同意以上所訂契約。" name="agree_covenant"/>
 	<text name="info_parcel_label">
 	<text name="info_size">
-		1024 
+		1024 平方公尺
 	<text name="info_price_label">
 	<text name="info_price">
 		L$ 1500
-(L$ 1.1/m²)
-sold with objects
+(L$ 1.1/平方公尺)
 	<text name="info_action">
-		Buying this land will:
+		購買這塊土地後:
 	<text name="error_message">
-		Something ain&apos;t right.
+		恐怕出問題了。
 	<button label="前往網站" name="error_web"/>
 	<text name="account_action">
-		Upgrade you to premium membership.
+		將你升級為付費用戶
 	<text name="account_reason">
-		Only premimum members may own land.
+		只有付費用戶才能擁有土地。
 	<combo_box name="account_level">
-		<combo_box.item label="US$9.95/month, billed monthly" name="US$9.95/month,billedmonthly"/>
-		<combo_box.item label="US$7.50/month, billed quarterly" name="US$7.50/month,billedquarterly"/>
-		<combo_box.item label="US$6.00/month, billed annually" name="US$6.00/month,billedannually"/>
+		<combo_box.item label="每月 US$9.95,按月支付" name="US$9.95/month,billedmonthly"/>
+		<combo_box.item label="每月 US$7.50,按季支付" name="US$7.50/month,billedquarterly"/>
+		<combo_box.item label="每月 US$6.00,一年支付一次" name="US$6.00/month,billedannually"/>
 	<text name="land_use_action">
-		Increase your monthly land use fees to US$ 40/month.
+		將你的每月土地使用費增加為每月 US$ 40。
 	<text name="land_use_reason">
-		You hold 1309 m² of land.
-This parcel is 512 m² of land.
+		你持有 1309 平方公尺土地。
+這地段有 512 平方公尺的土地。
 	<text name="purchase_action">
-		Pay Joe Resident L$ 4000 for the land
+		支付給居民 Joe L$ 4000 購買土地
 	<text name="currency_reason">
-		You have L$ 2,100.
+		你有 L$ 2,100
 	<text name="currency_action">
-		Buy additional L$
+		購買更多 L$
 	<line_editor name="currency_amt">
 	<text name="currency_est">
-		for approx. [LOCAL_AMOUNT]
+		花費大約 [LOCAL_AMOUNT]
 	<text name="currency_balance">
-		You have L$ 2,100.
+		你有 L$ 2,100
-	<check_box label="Remove [AMOUNT] m² of contribution from group." name="remove_contribution"/>
-	<button label="Purchase" name="buy_btn"/>
+	<check_box label="從群組移除 [AMOUNT] 平方公尺的捐出地。" name="remove_contribution"/>
+	<button label="購買" name="buy_btn"/>
 	<button label="取消" name="cancel_btn"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_buy_object.xml

 	<floater.string name="title_buy_copy_text">
-		Buy a copy of
+		購買一個
 	<floater.string name="no_copy_text">
-		(no copy)
+		(禁止複製)
 	<floater.string name="no_modify_text">
-		(no modify)
+		(禁止修改)
 	<floater.string name="no_transfer_text">
-		(no transfer)
+		(禁止轉讓)
 	<text name="contents_text">
-		Contains:
+		內含:
 	<text name="buy_text">
-		Buy for L$[AMOUNT] from:
+		購買,支付 L$[AMOUNT] 給:
 	<text name="buy_name_text">
-		[NAME]?
+		[NAME]
 	<button label="購買" label_selected="購買" name="buy_btn"/>
 	<button label="取消" label_selected="取消" name="cancel_btn"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_camera.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="camera_floater">
 	<floater.string name="rotate_tooltip">
-		Rotate Camera Around Focus
+		繞著焦點轉動攝影機
 	<floater.string name="zoom_tooltip">
-		Zoom Camera Towards Focus
+		攝影機移近焦點
 	<floater.string name="move_tooltip">
-		Move Camera Up and Down, Left and Right
+		攝影機上下左右移動
+	</floater.string>
+	<floater.string name="camera_modes_title">
+		攝影機模式
+	</floater.string>
+	<floater.string name="pan_mode_title">
+		環繞縮放平移
+	</floater.string>
+	<floater.string name="presets_mode_title">
+		預設視角
 	<floater.string name="free_mode_title">
 		<panel name="zoom">
-			<joystick_rotate name="cam_rotate_stick" tool_tip="Orbit camera around focus"/>
-			<slider_bar name="zoom_slider" tool_tip="Zoom camera toward focus"/>
+			<joystick_rotate name="cam_rotate_stick" tool_tip="攝影機繞焦點旋轉"/>
+			<slider_bar name="zoom_slider" tool_tip="攝影機移近焦點"/>
 			<joystick_track name="cam_track_stick" tool_tip="移動攝影機上下左右"/>
 	<panel name="buttons">
 		<button label="" name="presets_btn" tool_tip="預設視角"/>
-		<button label="" name="pan_btn" tool_tip="Orbit Zoom Pan"/>
+		<button label="" name="pan_btn" tool_tip="環繞縮放平移"/>
 		<button label="" name="avatarview_btn" tool_tip="攝影機模式"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_color_picker.xml

 	<text name="h_val_text">
-		Hue:
+		色調:
 	<text name="s_val_text">
-		Sat:
+		飽和度:
 	<text name="l_val_text">
-		Lum:
+		亮度:
 	<check_box label="立即套用" name="apply_immediate"/>
 	<button label="確定" label_selected="確定" name="select_btn"/>
 	<text name="(Drag below to save.)">
-		(Drag below to save)
+		(拖曳到下方即可儲存)

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_display_name.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="Display Name" title="變更顯示名稱">
 	<text name="info_text">
-		The name you give your avatar is called your Display Name. You can change it once a week.
+		你為你的化身取的名字叫做「顯示名稱」。 一星期可以修改一次。
 	<text name="lockout_text">
-		You cannot change your Display Name until: [TIME].
+		你下次能再更改顯示名稱的時間為 [TIME]
 	<text name="set_name_label">
 	<text name="name_confirm_label">
-		Type your new name again to confirm:
+		再次輸入你的新名稱以便確認:
-	<button label="儲存" name="save_btn" tool_tip="儲存你的新顯示名稱"/>
-	<button label="重設" name="reset_btn" tool_tip="Make Display Name the same as Username"/>
+	<button label="儲存" name="save_btn" tool_tip="儲存你的新的顯示名稱"/>
+	<button label="重設" name="reset_btn" tool_tip="將顯示名稱設成和使用者名稱相同"/>
 	<button label="取消" name="cancel_btn"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_event.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
-<floater label="Event" name="Event" title="EVENT DETAILS">
+<floater label="活動" name="Event" title="活動細節">
 	<floater.string name="loading_text">
 	<floater.string name="done_text">
-		Done
+		完成

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_gesture.xml

 	<floater.string name="copy_name">
-		Copy of [COPY_NAME]
+		[COPY_NAME] 複本
 	<scroll_list name="gesture_list">
 		<scroll_list.columns label="名稱" name="name"/>
 		<scroll_list.columns label="聊天" name="trigger"/>
-		<scroll_list.columns label="Key" name="shortcut"/>
+		<scroll_list.columns label="" name="shortcut"/>
 	<panel label="bottom_panel" name="bottom_panel">
 		<menu_button name="gear_btn" tool_tip="更多選項"/>
 		<button name="new_gesture_btn" tool_tip="製作新姿勢e"/>
-		<button name="activate_btn" tool_tip="Activate/Deactivate selected gesture"/>
+		<button name="activate_btn" tool_tip="啟動/停止所選姿勢"/>
 		<button name="del_btn" tool_tip="刪除這個姿勢"/>
 	<button label="編輯" name="edit_btn"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_god_tools.xml

 			<text name="Region Name:">
-			<check_box label="Prelude" name="check prelude" tool_tip="Set this to make the region a prelude"/>
-			<check_box label="固定太陽" name="check fixed sun" tool_tip="Fix the sun position (like in Region/Estate &gt; Terrain"/>
-			<check_box label="Reset Home On Teleport" name="check reset home" tool_tip="When Resident teleports out, reset their home to the destination position."/>
-			<check_box label="Visible" name="check visible" tool_tip="Set this to make the region visible to non-gods"/>
-			<check_box label="傷害" name="check damage" tool_tip="Set this to enable damage in this region"/>
-			<check_box label="阻止流量追蹤" name="block dwell" tool_tip="Set this to make the region not compute traffic"/>
-			<check_box label="阻止變形" name="block terraform" tool_tip="Set this to disallow people terraforming their land"/>
-			<check_box label="沙盒" name="is sandbox" tool_tip="Toggle whether this is a sandbox region"/>
-			<button label="Bake Terrain" label_selected="Bake Terrain" name="Bake Terrain" tool_tip="儲存目前的地形為預設"/>
-			<button label="Revert Terrain" label_selected="Revert Terrain" name="Revert Terrain" tool_tip="Replace the current terrain with default"/>
-			<button label="Swap Terrain" label_selected="Swap Terrain" name="Swap Terrain" tool_tip="Swap current terrain with default"/>
+			<check_box label="導引區" name="check prelude" tool_tip="在此設定,將區域設為導引區"/>
+			<check_box label="固定太陽" name="check fixed sun" tool_tip="固定太陽位置(如同地區/領地 &gt; 地形)"/>
+			<check_box label="瞬間傳送時重設家的位置" name="check reset home" tool_tip="居民瞬間傳送離開時,將他們的家重設為瞬間傳送的目的地。"/>
+			<check_box label="可看到" name="check visible" tool_tip="在此設定,將區域設為可讓非神者看到。"/>
+			<check_box label="傷害" name="check damage" tool_tip="在此設定,使本地區允許傷害。"/>
+			<check_box label="阻止流量追蹤" name="block dwell" tool_tip="在此設定,使本區域不計算流量。"/>
+			<check_box label="阻止土地變形" name="block terraform" tool_tip="設定禁止人們將其土地變形。"/>
+			<check_box label="沙盤" name="is sandbox" tool_tip="切換是否設為沙盤區域。"/>
+			<button label="確定地形" label_selected="確定地形" name="Bake Terrain" tool_tip="將目前的地形儲存為預設值"/>
+			<button label="回復原地形" label_selected="回復原地形" name="Revert Terrain" tool_tip="以預設值取代目前的地形"/>
+			<button label="交換地形" label_selected="交換地形" name="Swap Terrain" tool_tip="將目前的地形和預設值交換"/>
 			<text name="estate id">
 				領地 ID:
 			<text name="parent id">
-				Parent ID:
+				母領地 ID
-			<line_editor name="parentestate" tool_tip="This is the parent estate for this region"/>
+			<line_editor name="parentestate" tool_tip="這是本區域的母領地"/>
 			<text name="Grid Pos: ">
-			<line_editor name="gridposx" tool_tip="This is the grid x position for this region"/>
-			<line_editor name="gridposy" tool_tip="This is the grid y position for this region"/>
+			<line_editor name="gridposx" tool_tip="這是本區域的網格 X 位置"/>
+			<line_editor name="gridposy" tool_tip="這是本區域的網格 Y 位置"/>
 			<text name="Redirect to Grid: ">
-				Redirect to Grid:
+				重新導向至網格:
 			<text name="billable factor text">
-				Billable Factor:
+				收費率:
 			<text name="land cost text">
-				L$ per m²:
+				每平方公尺 L$:
-			<button label="重新整理" label_selected="重新整理" name="Refresh" tool_tip="Click here to refresh the above information"/>
-			<button label="套用" label_selected="套用" name="Apply" tool_tip="點擊此處以接受套用上述變更"/>
-			<button label="選擇地區" label_selected="選擇地區" name="Select Region" tool_tip="Select the whole region with the land tool"/>
-			<button label="立即自動儲存" label_selected="立即自動儲存" name="Autosave now" tool_tip="Save gzipped state to autosave directory"/>
+			<button label="重新整理" label_selected="重新整理" name="Refresh" tool_tip="點按這裡刷新上列資料"/>
+			<button label="套用" label_selected="套用" name="Apply" tool_tip="點按此處以接受套用上述變更"/>
+			<button label="選擇地區" label_selected="選擇地區" name="Select Region" tool_tip="以土地工具選取整個區域"/>
+			<button label="立即自動儲存" label_selected="立即自動儲存" name="Autosave now" tool_tip="儲存 gzip 壓縮狀態至自動儲存目錄"/>
 		<panel label="物件" name="objects">
 			<panel.string name="no_target">
 			<text name="region name">
-				Welsh
+				威爾斯
 			<check_box label="關閉腳本" name="disable scripts" tool_tip="關閉這個地區現在的全部腳本"/>
-			<check_box label="Disable Collisions" name="disable collisions" tool_tip="Set this to disable non-agent collisions in this region"/>
-			<check_box label="Disable Physics" name="disable physics" tool_tip="Set this to disable all physics in this region"/>
-			<button label="套用" label_selected="套用" name="Apply" tool_tip="Click here to apply any changes from above"/>
-			<button label="Set Target" label_selected="Set Target" name="Set Target" tool_tip="Set the target avatar for object deletion"/>
+			<check_box label="禁止碰撞" name="disable collisions" tool_tip="設置關閉地區內除了人以外的碰撞"/>
+			<check_box label="關閉物理" name="disable physics" tool_tip="設置關閉本區域內所有物理"/>
+			<button label="套用" label_selected="套用" name="Apply" tool_tip="點按此處以接受套用上述變更"/>
+			<button label="設定目標" label_selected="設定目標" name="Set Target" tool_tip="將目標化身設為待刪除的物件"/>
 			<text name="target_avatar_name">
-			<button label="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On Others Land" label_selected="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On Others Land" name="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On Others Land" tool_tip="Delete all scripted objects owned by the target on land not owned by the target. (no copy) objects will be returned."/>
-			<button label="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On *Any* Land" label_selected="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On *Any* Land" name="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On *Any* Land" tool_tip="Delete all scripted objects owned by the target in this region. (no copy) objects will be returned."/>
-			<button label="Delete *ALL* Of Target&apos;s Objects" label_selected="Delete *ALL* Of Target&apos;s Objects" name="Delete *ALL* Of Target&apos;s Objects" tool_tip="Delete all objects owned by the target in this region. (no copy) objects will be returned."/>
-			<button label="Get Top Colliders" label_selected="Get Top Colliders" name="Get Top Colliders" tool_tip="Gets list of objects experiencing the most narrowphase callbacks"/>
-			<button label="Get Top Scripts" label_selected="Get Top Scripts" name="Get Top Scripts" tool_tip="Gets list of objects spending the most time running scripts"/>
-			<button label="Scripts digest" label_selected="Scripts digest" name="Scripts digest" tool_tip="Gets a list of all scripts and number of occurences of each"/>
+			<button label="刪除目標物在其他土地的帶腳本的物件" label_selected="刪除目標物在其他土地的帶腳本的物件" name="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On Others Land" tool_tip="在不是目標物所擁有的土地上,刪除屬於該目標物的所有帶腳本的物件。 「禁止複製」的物件將被送回。"/>
+			<button label="刪除目標物在任何土地的帶腳本的物件" label_selected="刪除目標物在任何土地的帶腳本的物件" name="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On *Any* Land" tool_tip="刪除本區域內屬於目標物的所有帶腳本的物件。 「禁止複製」的物件將被送回。"/>
+			<button label="刪除目標物所有的物件" label_selected="刪除目標物所有的物件" name="Delete *ALL* Of Target&apos;s Objects" tool_tip="刪除本區域內屬於目標物的所有物件。 「禁止複製」的物件將被送回。"/>
+			<button label="取得最常碰撞的物件" label_selected="取得最常碰撞的物件" name="Get Top Colliders" tool_tip="取得經歷最多次「窄相」回調的物件清單"/>
+			<button label="取得排名最高的腳本" label_selected="取得排名最高的腳本" name="Get Top Scripts" tool_tip="取得花最多時間執行腳本的物件清單"/>
+			<button label="腳本集" label_selected="腳本集" name="Scripts digest" tool_tip="取得所有腳本清單,並列出發生次數,針對每一"/>
-		<panel label="Request" name="request">
+		<panel label="請求" name="request">
 			<text name="Destination:">
-				Destination:
+				目的地:
 			<combo_box name="destination">
-				<combo_box.item label="Selection" name="item1"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="Agent Region" name="item2"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="選擇" name="item1"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="用戶地區" name="item2"/>
 			<text name="Request:">
-				Request:
+				請求:
 			<combo_box name="request">
-				<combo_box.item label="colliders &lt;steps&gt;" name="item1"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="scripts &lt;count&gt;,&lt;optional pattern&gt;" name="item2"/>
-				<combo_box.item label="objects &lt;pattern&gt;" name="item3"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="碰撞物 &lt;步驟&gt;" name="item1"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="腳本 &lt;計數&gt;,&lt;非必要形態&gt;" name="item2"/>
+				<combo_box.item label="物件 &lt;形態&gt;" name="item3"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="rez &lt;asset_id&gt;" name="item4"/>
 			<text name="Parameter:">
-				Parameter:
+				參數:
-			<button label="Make Request" label_selected="Make Request" name="Make Request"/>
+			<button label="提出請求" label_selected="提出請求" name="Make Request"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_hardware_settings.xml

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 <floater name="Hardware Settings Floater" title="硬體設定">
 	<text name="Filtering:">
-		Filtering:
+		過濾:
-	<check_box label="Anisotropic Filtering (slower when enabled)" name="ani"/>
+	<check_box label="各向異性過濾(若啟用會變慢)" name="ani"/>
 	<text name="Antialiasing:">
-		Antialiasing:
+		消除鋸齒:
-	<combo_box label="Antialiasing" name="fsaa">
-		<combo_box.item label="Disabled" name="FSAADisabled"/>
+	<combo_box label="消除鋸齒" name="fsaa">
+		<combo_box.item label="已停用" name="FSAADisabled"/>
 		<combo_box.item label="2x" name="2x"/>
 		<combo_box.item label="4x" name="4x"/>
 		<combo_box.item label="8x" name="8x"/>
 	<text name="antialiasing restart">
-	<spinner label="Gamma:" name="gamma"/>
+	<spinner label="伽瑪值:" name="gamma"/>
 	<text name="(brightness, lower is brighter)">
-		(0 = default brightness, lower = brighter)
+		0 = 預設亮度;值越小 = 亮度越高)
 	<text name="Enable VBO:">
-		Enable VBO:
+		啟用頂點緩衝物件(VBO):
-	<check_box initial_value="true" label="Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects" name="vbo" tool_tip="Enabling this on modern hardware gives a performance gain.  However, older hardware often has poor implementations of VBOs and you may get crashes when this is enabled."/>
-	<slider label="材質記憶體(MB):" name="GraphicsCardTextureMemory" tool_tip="Amount of memory to allocate for textures. Defaults to video card memory. Reducing this may improve performance but may also make textures blurry."/>
-	<spinner label="Fog Distance Ratio:" name="fog"/>
+	<check_box initial_value="true" label="啟用 OpenGL 頂點緩衝物件(VBO)" name="vbo" tool_tip="在較新硬體上啟用,可提升效能。  但是,較舊硬體的 VBO 實作不佳,若啟用可能導致當機。"/>
+	<slider label="材質記憶體(MB):" name="GraphicsCardTextureMemory" tool_tip="配置給材質使用的記憶體量。 預設為顯像卡記憶體。 降低此值可以提升效能,但材質也會變模糊。"/>
+	<spinner label="霧距離比率:" name="fog"/>
 	<button label="確定" label_selected="確定" name="OK"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_im_session.xml

 <floater name="panel_im">
 	<layout_stack name="im_panels">
-			<line_editor label="To" name="chat_editor"/>
+			<line_editor label="" name="chat_editor"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_image_preview.xml

 請嘗試儲存圖像為 24 位元 Targa(.tga)格式。
-	<check_box label="Use lossless compression" name="lossless_check"/>
+	<check_box label="使用零失真壓縮" name="lossless_check"/>
 	<button label="取消" name="cancel_btn"/>
 	<button label="上傳(L$[AMOUNT])" name="ok_btn"/>

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/zh/floater_incoming_call.xml

 	<floater.string name="localchat">
-		附近的音聊天
+		附近的音聊天
 	<floater.string name="anonymous">
 	<floater.string name="VoiceInviteP2P">
-		通話中。
+		來電中。
 	<floater.string name="VoiceInviteAdHoc">
-		已加訴入會議交談中的語音聊天
+		已加入多方語音通話
 	<floater.string name="VoiceInviteGroup">
 		剛加入 &apos;[GROUP]&apos; 語音頻道。
 	<floater.string name="VoiceInviteQuestionGroup">
-		Would you like to leave [CURRENT_CHAT] and join the call with &apos;[GROUP]&apos;?
+		是否離開 [CURRENT_CHAT] 並加入和「[GROUP]」通話?
 	<floater.string name="VoiceInviteQuestionDefault">
-		Do you want to leave [CURRENT_CHAT] and join this voice chat?
+		是否離開 [CURRENT_CHAT] 並加入這個語音聊天?
 	<text name="question">
-		Do you want to leave [CURRENT_CHAT] and join this voice chat?
+		是否離開 [CURRENT_CHAT] 並加入這個語音聊天?