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EXP-880 FIX Disable address bar copy menu and open in external browser button
when using trusted browser or explicitly disabling address bar

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 	bool address_entry_enabled = p.allow_address_entry && !p.trusted_content;
-	// disable components of combo box so that we can still select and copy text from address bar (a disabled line editor still allows this, but not if its parent is disabled)
-	getChildView("address")->getChildView("Combo Text Entry")->setEnabled(address_entry_enabled);
-	getChildView("address")->getChildView("Combobox Button")->setEnabled(address_entry_enabled);
-	getChildView("address")->getChildView("ComboBox")->setEnabled(address_entry_enabled);
+	getChildView("address")->setEnabled(address_entry_enabled);
+	getChildView("popexternal")->setEnabled(address_entry_enabled);
 	if (!address_entry_enabled)
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