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fixed EXT-3742 “Voice Control Panel should auto-hide”,
made VCP as transient dockable floater;

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 LLVoiceChannel* LLCallFloater::sCurrentVoiceCanel = NULL;
 LLCallFloater::LLCallFloater(const LLSD& key)
-: LLDockableFloater(NULL, false, key)
+: LLTransientDockableFloater(NULL, false, key)
 , mSpeakerManager(NULL)
 , mParticipants(NULL)
 , mAvatarList(NULL)
 // virtual
 BOOL LLCallFloater::postBuild()
-	LLDockableFloater::postBuild();
+	LLTransientDockableFloater::postBuild();
 	mAvatarList = getChild<LLAvatarList>("speakers_list");
 	mAvatarListRefreshConnection = mAvatarList->setRefreshCompleteCallback(boost::bind(&LLCallFloater::onAvatarListRefreshed, this));
 	if (mParticipants)
-	LLDockableFloater::draw();
+	LLTransientDockableFloater::draw();
 // virtual


-#include "lldockablefloater.h"
+#include "lltransientdockablefloater.h"
 #include "llvoicechannel.h"
 #include "llvoiceclient.h"
  * When the Resident is engaged in any chat except Nearby Chat, the Voice Control Panel also provides an 
  * 'Leave Call' button to allow the Resident to leave that voice channel.
-class LLCallFloater : public LLDockableFloater, LLVoiceClientParticipantObserver
+class LLCallFloater : public LLTransientDockableFloater, LLVoiceClientParticipantObserver
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