Mike Antipov  committed 751cef5

EXT-8322 FIXED Added second string for the Favorites folder with name="InvFolder favorite".

"Favorites" folder is created on first login for new account.
Historically it can have default name started from "f" or "F" on different accounts.

So, we have to localize both of them with the same value.

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File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/strings.xml

 	<string name="InvFolder Animations">Animations</string>
 	<string name="InvFolder Gestures">Gestures</string>
 	<string name="InvFolder Favorite">Favorites</string>
+  <!-- historically default name of the Favorites folder can start from either "f" or "F" letter.
+  We should localize both of them with the same value -->
+	<string name="InvFolder favorite">Favorites</string>
 	<string name="InvFolder Current Outfit">Current Outfit</string>
 	<string name="InvFolder My Outfits">My Outfits</string>
 	<string name="InvFolder Accessories">Accessories</string>