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misc cleanup

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 	mCommitCallbackRegistrar.add("Pref.BlockList",				boost::bind(&LLFloaterPreference::onClickBlockList, this));
 	sSkin = gSavedSettings.getString("SkinCurrent");
-	//prep
 	LLAvatarPropertiesProcessor::getInstance()->addObserver( gAgent.getID(), this );
 	LLAvatarPropertiesProcessor::getInstance()->sendAvatarPropertiesRequest( gAgent.getID() );
 void LLFloaterPreference::processProperties( void* pData, EAvatarProcessorType type )
 	if ( APT_PROPERTIES == type )
-	//prep


 	// translate user's busy response message according to current locale if message is default, otherwise do nothing
 	static void initBusyResponse();
-	//prep
 	void processProperties( void* pData, EAvatarProcessorType type );
 	void processProfileProperties(const LLAvatarData* pAvatarData );
 	void storeAvatarProperties( const LLAvatarData* pAvatarData );
 	bool mOriginalHideOnlineStatus;
 	std::string mDirectoryVisibility;
-	//prep
 	LLAvatarData mAvatarProperties;
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