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nat_linden  committed 7b4c2ab

Remove LLUICtrlFactory::findSkinnedFilename(): cf. LLDir method.
Richard points out that LLUICtrlFactory::findSkinnedFilename() adds little
value. It was called from exactly one place, and that one place could easily
obtain the information another way. The concern is that it could confuse a
reader of the code with regard to the other findSkinnedFilename[s]() methods
in LLDir. Clarifying the code base is a Good Thing. Removing.

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File indra/llui/lluictrlfactory.cpp

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 	parent->addChild(view, tab_group);
-// Avoid directly using LLUI and LLDir in the template code
-std::string LLUICtrlFactory::findSkinnedFilename(const std::string& filename)
-	return gDirUtilp->findSkinnedFilenameBaseLang(LLDir::XUI, filename);
 void LLUICtrlFactory::copyName(LLXMLNodePtr src, LLXMLNodePtr dest)

File indra/llui/lluictrlfactory.h

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 	static T* createFromFile(const std::string &filename, LLView *parent, const widget_registry_t& registry)
 		T* widget = NULL;
-		std::string skinned_filename = findSkinnedFilename(filename);
 			LLXMLNodePtr root_node;
 			if (!LLUICtrlFactory::getLayeredXMLNode(filename, root_node))
-				llwarns << "Couldn't parse XUI file: " << skinned_filename << llendl;
+				llwarns << "Couldn't parse XUI file: " << instance().getCurFileName() << llendl;
 				goto fail;
 			LLView* view = getInstance()->createFromXML(root_node, parent, filename, registry, NULL);
 			if (view)
 	// this exists to get around dependency on llview
 	static void setCtrlParent(LLView* view, LLView* parent, S32 tab_group);
-	// Avoid directly using LLUI and LLDir in the template code
-	static std::string findSkinnedFilename(const std::string& filename);
 	class LLPanel*		mDummyPanel;
 	std::vector<std::string>	mFileNames;