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MAINT-1894: FIX This *should* fix a crash in the LLVolume::resizePath() method. The callstacks indicated that the std library was throwing a length exception on the std::vector::resize() call. Most likely cause was that the recent changes for flexi-prims were causing the mRenderRes to become negative. And thus, the 1<<mRenderRes calculation was generating a really large value for num_render_sections.

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File indra/newview/llflexibleobject.cpp

 		//the object is not visible
 		return ;
+	// stinson 11/12/2012: Need to check with davep on the following.
+	// Skipping the flexible update if render res is negative.  If we were to continue with a negative value,
+	// the subsequent S32 num_render_sections = 1<<mRenderRes; code will specify a really large number of
+	// render sections which will then create a length exception in the std::vector::resize() method.
+	if (mRenderRes < 0)
+	{
+		return;
+	}
 	S32 num_sections = 1 << mSimulateRes;