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EXP-1546 FIXED (received items - purchasing some bodyparts and clothing from a prim marked for sale show wrong inventory icons)

- In buy floater, for multiple WEARABLES inventory items show corresponding wearable icon

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 		// Compute icon for this item
 		BOOL item_is_multi = FALSE;
-		if ( inv_item->getFlags() & LLInventoryItemFlags::II_FLAGS_LANDMARK_VISITED 
+		if (( inv_item->getFlags() & LLInventoryItemFlags::II_FLAGS_LANDMARK_VISITED
 			|| inv_item->getFlags() & LLInventoryItemFlags::II_FLAGS_OBJECT_HAS_MULTIPLE_ITEMS)
+			&& !(inv_item->getFlags() & LLInventoryItemFlags::II_FLAGS_WEARABLES_MASK))
 			item_is_multi = TRUE;
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