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SH-1384 FIXED AvatarPhysicsTest debug setting does not work

Took out setting, no longer needed. Was formely restricted to gods.

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-  <key>AvatarPhysicsTest</key>
-  <map>
-    <key>Comment</key>
-    <string>Simulate continuous physics behavior on all nearby avatars.</string>
-    <key>Persist</key>
-    <integer>1</integer>
-    <key>Type</key>
-    <string>Boolean</string>
-    <key>Value</key>
-    <integer>0</integer>
-  </map>


         const F32 behavior_gain = getParamValue("Gain");
         const F32 behavior_damping = getParamValue("Damping");
         const F32 behavior_drag = getParamValue("Drag");
-        const BOOL physics_test = gSavedSettings.getBOOL("AvatarPhysicsTest") && gAgent.isGodlike();
+        const BOOL physics_test = FALSE; // Enable this to simulate bouncing on all parts.
         F32 behavior_maxeffect = getParamValue("MaxEffect");
         if (physics_test)
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