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ER-914: Disable Parcel Privacy UI in viewer if on older sim

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+	setPrivacy(false);
+	setHavePrivacyData(false);
 void LLParcel::overrideOwner(const LLUUID& owner_id, BOOL is_group_owned)
 		msg->getBOOLFast(_PREHASH_ParcelData, _PREHASH_Privacy, private_parcel);
 	setPrivacy((bool) private_parcel);
+	setHavePrivacyData(have_privacy_data);
     // non-optimized version
     msg->getU8 ( "ParcelData", "MediaAutoScale", mMediaAutoScale );


 	void setUserLookAt(const LLVector3& rot)	{ mUserLookAt = rot; }
 	void setLandingType(const ELandingType type) { mLandingType = type; }
 	void setPrivacy(bool privacy)	{ mPrivacy = privacy;	}
+	void setHavePrivacyData(bool have_privacy_data)		{ mHavePrivacyData = have_privacy_data;		}		// Remove this once parcel privacy is fully available grid-wide
 	void setAuctionID(U32 auction_id) { mAuctionID = auction_id;}
 	const LLVector3& getUserLookAt() const	{ return mUserLookAt; }
 	ELandingType getLandingType() const	{ return mLandingType; }
 	bool getPrivacy() const				{ return mPrivacy;		}
+	bool getHavePrivacyData() const		{ return mHavePrivacyData;	}
 	// User-specified snapshot
 	const LLUUID&	getSnapshotID() const		{ return mSnapshotID; }
 	LLVector3 mUserLookAt;
 	ELandingType mLandingType;
 	bool mPrivacy;
+	bool mHavePrivacyData;			// Remove once parcel privacy is grid-wide
 	LLTimer mSaleTimerExpires;
 	LLTimer mMediaResetTimer;


-		mPrivateParcelCtrl->setEnabled(can_change_options);
+		mPrivateParcelCtrl->setEnabled(can_change_options && parcel->getHavePrivacyData());
 		BOOL can_change_landing_point = LLViewerParcelMgr::isParcelModifiableByAgent(parcel, 
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