nat_linden  committed 905d8f0

Remove Boost version "1_45" baked into library names.
On Windows, LLPrimitive.cmake named four Boost libraries with names ending in
the string 1_45. Now that we're trying to upgrade Boost to 1.52, those
suffixes are inappropriate. Fortunately the libraries in our current Boost
package do not have version-stamped names, so we hope this fix can survive
for several Boost upgrades to come.

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File indra/cmake/LLPrimitive.cmake

         optimized llprimitive
         debug libcollada14dom22-d
         optimized libcollada14dom22
-        debug libboost_filesystem-vc100-mt-gd-1_45
-        optimized libboost_filesystem-vc100-mt-1_45
-        debug libboost_system-vc100-mt-gd-1_45
-        optimized libboost_system-vc100-mt-1_45
+        debug libboost_filesystem-mt-gd
+        optimized libboost_filesystem-mt
+        debug libboost_system-mt-gd
+        optimized libboost_system-mt
 else (WINDOWS)