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EXP-1384 FIX Voice requests not received in FUI viewer

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 #include "llnearbychat.h"
 #include "llspeakers.h" //for LLIMSpeakerMgr
 #include "lltextbox.h"
+#include "lltoolbarview.h"
 #include "llviewercontrol.h"
 #include "llviewerparcelmgr.h"
 BOOL LLCallDialog::postBuild()
-	if (!LLDockableFloater::postBuild())
+	if (!LLDockableFloater::postBuild() || !gToolBarView)
 		return FALSE;
+	LLView *anchor_panel = gToolBarView->findChildView("speak");
+	if (anchor_panel)
+	{
+		setDockControl(new LLDockControl(anchor_panel, this, getDockTongue(), LLDockControl::TOP));
+	}
 	return TRUE;
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