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EXT-8362 FIXED ([TRUNCATION] IT login screen - truncation in location box)

- Increased combo box width and removed unnecessary parameters wirth from other locales

Reviewed by Vadim Savchuk at

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 			<text name="start_location_text">
 				Hier anfangen:
-			<combo_box name="start_location_combo" width="150">
+			<combo_box name="start_location_combo">
 				<combo_box.item label="Mein letzter Standort" name="MyLastLocation"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="Mein Zuhause" name="MyHome"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="&lt;Region eingeben&gt;" name="Typeregionname"/>


-     width="135">
+     width="170">
 label="My last location"


 			<text name="start_location_text">
 				Lieu de départ :
-			<combo_box name="start_location_combo" width="152">
+			<combo_box name="start_location_combo">
 				<combo_box.item label="Dernier emplacement" name="MyLastLocation"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="Domicile" name="MyHome"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="&lt;Saisir le nom de la région&gt;" name="Typeregionname"/>


 			<text name="start_location_text">
-			<combo_box name="start_location_combo" width="160">
+			<combo_box name="start_location_combo">
 				<combo_box.item label="最後にログアウトした場所" name="MyLastLocation"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="ホーム" name="MyHome"/>
 				<combo_box.item label="<地域名を入力>" name="Typeregionname"/>
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