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DN-132 Top scripts now show complete names

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+void LLFloaterTopObjects::onAvatarNameCache(const LLUUID& agent_id,
+									   const LLAvatarName& av_name,
+									   LLSD element)
+	LLScrollListCtrl *list = getChild<LLScrollListCtrl>("objects_list");
+	element["columns"][2]["value"] = av_name.getCompleteName();
+	list->addElement(element);
 void LLFloaterTopObjects::handleReply(LLMessageSystem *msg, void** data)
 	U32 request_flags;
 		F32 mono_score = 0.f;
 		bool have_extended_data = false;
 		S32 public_urls = 0;
+		LLUUID owner_id;
 		msg->getU32Fast(_PREHASH_ReportData, _PREHASH_TaskLocalID, task_local_id, block);
 		msg->getUUIDFast(_PREHASH_ReportData, _PREHASH_TaskID, task_id, block);
 			msg->getU32("DataExtended", "TimeStamp", time_stamp, block);
 			msg->getF32("DataExtended", "MonoScore", mono_score, block);
+			msg->getUUID("DataExtended","OwnerID",owner_id,block);
 		LLSD element;
 		element["id"] = task_id;
 			columns[6]["font"] = "SANSSERIF";
 		element["columns"] = columns;
-		list->addElement(element);
+		if (!owner_id.isNull())
+		{
+			LLAvatarNameCache::get(owner_id, boost::bind(&LLFloaterTopObjects::onAvatarNameCache, this, _1, _2, element));
+		}
+		else
+		{
+			list->addElement(element);
+		}


 #include "llfloater.h"
+class LLAvatarName;
 class LLUICtrl;
+#include <boost/signals2.hpp>	// boost::signals2::trackable
 class LLFloaterTopObjects : public LLFloater
 	friend class LLFloaterReg;
 	static void setMode(U32 mode);
+	void onAvatarNameCache(const LLUUID& id, const LLAvatarName& av_name, LLSD element);
 	LLFloaterTopObjects(const LLSD& key);
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