Ramzi Ramey  committed 99516dd

EXT-261: Labels in /character/avatar_lad.xml are not localizable
- there were a bunch of missing strings from the original fix, causing a MissingString(..) error to the user

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File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/strings.xml

     <string name="Belly Size">Belly Size</string>	
 	<string name="Blonde Hair">Blonde Hair</string>
     <string name="Big Eyeball">Big Eyeball</string>
-    <string name="Big Hair Back">Big Hair Back</string>
-    <string name="Big Hair Front">Big Hair Front</string>
-    <string name="Big Hair Top">Big Hair Top</string>
+    <string name="Big Hair Back">Big Hair: Back</string>
+    <string name="Big Hair Front">Big Hair: Front</string>
+    <string name="Big Hair Top">Big Hair: Top</string>
 	<string name="Body Fat">Body Fat</string>
     <string name="Body Thickness">Body Thickness</string>
     <string name="Breast Buoyancy">Breast Buoyancy</string>
     <string name="Hair Thickess">Hair Thickess</string>
     <string name="Hair Tilted Left">Hair Tilted Left</string>
     <string name="Hair Tilted Right">Hair Tilted Right</string>
-    <string name="Hair Volume">Hair Volume</string>
+    <string name="Hair Volume">Hair: Volume</string>
 	<string name="Hand Size">Hand Size</string>
 	<string name="Head Length">Head Length</string>
     <string name="Head Shape">Head Shape</string>
     <string name="Nostril Division">Nostril Division</string>
     <string name="Nostril Width">Nostril Width</string>
     <string name="Open Front">Open Front</string>
+	<string name="Lipstick Color">Lipstick Color</string>
+	<string name="Lipstick">Lipstick</string>
+	<string name="Lipgloss">Lipgloss</string>
+	<string name="Blush">Blush</string>
+	<string name="Blush Color">Blush Color</string>
+	<string name="Blush Opacity">Blush Opacity</string>
+	<string name="Inner Shadow">Inner Shadow</string>
+	<string name="In Shdw Color">Inner Shadow Color</string>
+	<string name="In Shdw Opacity">Inner Shadow Opacity</string>
+	<string name="Body Definition">Body Definition</string>
+	<string name="Body Freckles">Body Freckles</string>
+	<string name="Facial Definition">Facial Definition</string>
+	<string name="Hair Front">Hair: Front</string>
+	<string name="Hair Sides">Hair: Sides</string>
+	<string name="Hair Back">Hair: Back</string>
+	<string name="Front Fringe">Front Fringe</string>
+	<string name="Side Fringe">Side Fringe</string>
+	<string name="Back Fringe">Back Fringe</string>
+	<string name="Hair Sweep">Hair Sweep</string>
+	<string name="Pigtails">Pigtails</string>
+	<string name="Ponytail">Ponytail</string>
+	<string name="Hair Tilt">Hair Tilt</string>
+	<string name="Eyebrow Size">Eyebrow Size</string>
+	<string name="Eyebrow Density">Eyebrow Density</string>
+	<!-- string name="Hair Thickess">Hair Thickess</string    Need a second string for Body Parts > Hair > Facial? -->
+	<string name="Sideburns">Sideburns</string>
+	<string name="Moustache">Moustache</string>
+	<string name="Soulpatch">Soulpatch</string>
+	<string name="Chin Curtains">Chin Curtains</string>
     <string name="Outer Eye Corner">Outer Eye Corner</string>
 	<string name="Outer Shadow">Outer Shadow</string>
-	<string name="Out Shdw Opacity">Out Shdw Opacity</string>
-	<string name="Out Shdw Color">Out Shdw Color</string>	
+	<string name="Out Shdw Opacity">Outer Shadow Opacity</string>
+	<string name="Out Shdw Color">Outer Shadow Color</string>	
     <string name="Package">Package</string>
     <string name="Pants Crotch">Pants Crotch</string> 
 	<string name="Pants Fit">Pants Fit</string>
     <string name="Slanted Forehead">Slanted Forehead</string> 
 	<string name="Sleeve Length">Sleeve Length</string>
     <string name="Sleeve Looseness">Sleeve Looseness</string> 
-	<string name="Slit Back">Slit Back</string> 
-	<string name="Slit Front">Slit Front</string> 
-	<string name="Slit Left">Slit Left</string> 
-	<string name="Slit Right">Slit Right</string> 
+	<string name="Slit Back">Slit: Back</string> 
+	<string name="Slit Front">Slit: Front</string> 
+	<string name="Slit Left">Slit: Left</string> 
+	<string name="Slit Right">Slit: Right</string> 
 	<string name="Socks Length">Socks Length</string>
     <string name="Spiked Hair">Spiked Hair</string>
     <string name="Squash/Stretch Head">Squash/Stretch Head</string>
 	<string name="White Hair">White Hair</string>
     <string name="big belly skirt">big belly skirt</string>
     <string name="bigbutt skirt">bigbutt skirt</string>
-    <string name="bustle skirt">bustle skirt</string>
+    <string name="bustle skirt">Bustle Skirt</string>
     <string name="legs skirt">legs skirt</string>
     <string name="loose skirt">loose skirt</string>
     <string name="poofy skirt">poofy skirt</string>
     <string name="tight skirt">tight skirt</string>	
-	<string name="wrinkles">wrinkles</string>	
+	<string name="wrinkles">Wrinkles</string>	
     <!-- Favorites Bar -->
     <string name="location_ctrl_add_landmark">Add to My Landmarks</string>