Donald Kjer committed 9d0b923

Connected eventhost nearyby host listener. Connected getGroups eventhost hook.

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File indra/newview/llagentlistener.cpp

 		"[\"obj_uuid\"]: id of object to look at, use this or [\"position\"] to indicate the target\n"
 		"[\"position\"]: region position {x, y, z} where to find closest object or avatar to look at",
+    add("getGroups",
+        "Send information about the agent's groups on [\"reply\"]:\n"
+        "[\"groups\"]: array of group information\n"
+        "[\"id\"]: group id\n"
+        "[\"name\"]: group name\n"
+        "[\"insignia\"]: group insignia texture id\n"
+        "[\"notices\"]: boolean indicating if this user accepts notices from this group\n"
+        "[\"display\"]: boolean indicating if this group is listed in the user's profile\n"
+        "[\"contrib\"]: user's land contribution to this group\n",
+        &LLAgentListener::getGroups,
+        LLSDMap("reply", LLSD()));
 void LLAgentListener::requestTeleport(LLSD const & event_data) const

File indra/newview/llnearbychatbar.cpp

 #include "llfirstuse.h"
 #include "llnearbychatbar.h"
+#include "llnearbychatbarlistener.h"
 #include "llagent.h"
 #include "llgesturemgr.h"
 #include "llmultigesture.h"
 	mSpeakerMgr = LLLocalSpeakerMgr::getInstance();
+	mListener.reset(new LLNearbyChatBarListener(*this));

File indra/newview/llnearbychatbar.h

 #include "lloutputmonitorctrl.h"
 #include "llspeakers.h"
+class LLNearbyChatBarListener;
 class LLNearbyChatBar :	public LLFloater
 	LLLocalSpeakerMgr*		mSpeakerMgr;
 	S32 mExpandedHeight;
+	boost::shared_ptr<LLNearbyChatBarListener> mListener;