Vadim Savchuk committed 9fcc737

Fixed bug EXT-6881 ([FORMATTING] Acerca del terreno (About Land) window > Contrato tab. Space in blank needed).

Added a space after the colon, so the translatable string is now "Last Modified: ".

Reviewed by Mike:

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 	<!-- Region/Estate Covenant -->
 	<string name="RegionNoCovenant">There is no Covenant provided for this Estate.</string>
 	<string name="RegionNoCovenantOtherOwner">There is no Covenant provided for this Estate. The land on this estate is being sold by the Estate owner, not Linden Lab.  Please contact the Estate Owner for sales details.</string>
-	<string name="covenant_last_modified">Last Modified:</string>
+	<string name="covenant_last_modified" value="Last Modified: " /> <!-- use value="" to keep the trailing space -->
 	<string name="none_text"  value=" (none) " />
 	<string name="never_text" value=" (never) " />