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MAINT-536 MAINT-1913 Added missing URL scheme filtering to the Linux viewer, changed URL scheme whitelist. Reviewed by Callum.

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 BOOL gDebugClicks = FALSE;
 BOOL gDebugWindowProc = FALSE;
-const S32 gURLProtocolWhitelistCount = 3;
-const std::string gURLProtocolWhitelist[] = { "file:", "http:", "https:" };
+const S32 gURLProtocolWhitelistCount = 4;
+const std::string gURLProtocolWhitelist[] = { "secondlife:", "http:", "https:", "data:" };
 // CP: added a handler list - this is what's used to open the protocol and is based on registry entry
 //	   only meaningful difference currently is that file: protocols are opened using http:
 //	   since no protocol handler exists in registry for file:
 //     Important - these lists should match - protocol to handler
-const std::string gURLProtocolWhitelistHandler[] = { "http", "http", "https" };	
+// Maestro: This list isn't referenced anywhere that I could find
+//const std::string gURLProtocolWhitelistHandler[] = { "http", "http", "https" };	
 S32 OSMessageBox(const std::string& text, const std::string& caption, U32 type)


 // Protocols, like "http" and "https" we support in URLs
 extern const S32 gURLProtocolWhitelistCount;
 extern const std::string gURLProtocolWhitelist[];
-extern const std::string gURLProtocolWhitelistHandler[];
+//extern const std::string gURLProtocolWhitelistHandler[];
 void simpleEscapeString ( std::string& stringIn  );


 // Must begin with protocol identifier.
 void LLWindowSDL::spawnWebBrowser(const std::string& escaped_url, bool async)
+	bool found = false;
+	S32 i;
+	for (i = 0; i < gURLProtocolWhitelistCount; i++)
+	{
+		if (escaped_url.find(gURLProtocolWhitelist[i]) != std::string::npos)
+		{
+			found = true;
+			break;
+		}
+	}
+	if (!found)
+	{
+		llwarns << "spawn_web_browser called for url with protocol not on whitelist: " << escaped_url << llendl;
+		return;
+	}
 	llinfos << "spawn_web_browser: " << escaped_url << llendl;
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