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                parameter="DebugShowMemory" />
+	     <menu_item_check
+               label="Show Private Mem Info"
+               name="Show Private Mem Info">
+              <menu_item_check.on_check
+               function="CheckControl"
+               parameter="DebugShowPrivateMem" />
+              <menu_item_check.on_click
+               function="ToggleControl"
+               parameter="DebugShowPrivateMem" />
+            </menu_item_check>


+   <notification
+   icon="alertmodal.tga"
+   name="LowMemory"
+   type="alertmodal">
+    Your memory pool is low. Some functions of SL are disabled to avoid crash. Please close other applications. Restart SL if this persists.
+  </notification>
+  <notification
+     icon="alertmodal.tga"
+     name="ForceQuitDueToLowMemory"
+     type="alertmodal">
+    SL will quit in 30 seconds due to out of memory.
+  </notification>
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