Seth ProductEngine avatar Seth ProductEngine committed a3f82ca

STORM-264 FIXED Add lower-right corner resize marker for detached side panels.
Detached SP now has a slightly reduced height not to make it flush with the bottom bar.

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 static LLRootViewRegistry::Register<LLSideTray>	t1("side_tray");
 static LLDefaultChildRegistry::Register<LLSideTrayTab>	t2("sidetray_tab");
+static const S32 BOTTOM_BAR_PAD = 5;
 static const std::string COLLAPSED_NAME = "<<";
 static const std::string EXPANDED_NAME  = ">>";
+	// Resize handles get obscured by added panel so move them to front.
+	floater_tab->moveResizeHandlesToFront();
 	// Reshape the floater if needed.
 	LLRect floater_rect;
 	if (floater_tab->hasSavedRect())
 		// Detaching for the first time. Reshape the floater.
 		floater_rect = side_tray->getLocalRect();
+		// Reduce detached floater height by small BOTTOM_BAR_PAD not to make it flush with the bottom bar.
+		floater_rect.mBottom += LLBottomTray::getInstance()->getRect().getHeight() + BOTTOM_BAR_PAD;
+		floater_rect.makeValid();
 		floater_tab->reshape(floater_rect.getWidth(), floater_rect.getHeight());
 	// Reshape the panel.
-		LLRect panel_rect = floater_rect;
+		LLRect panel_rect = floater_tab->getLocalRect();
 		panel_rect.mTop -= floater_tab->getHeaderHeight();
+		panel_rect.makeValid();
 		reshape(panel_rect.getWidth(), panel_rect.getHeight());
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