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STORM-717 WIP Cleanup: removed unused on_mouse_enter callback from LLToast.

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 	// init callbacks if present
-	// *TODO: This signal doesn't seem to be used at all.
-	if(!p.on_mouse_enter().empty())
-		mOnMouseEnterSignal.connect(p.on_mouse_enter());
 void LLToast::reshape(S32 width, S32 height, BOOL called_from_parent)
-		mOnMouseEnterSignal(this);
 		mToastMouseEnterSignal(this, getValue());


 										fading_time_secs; // Number of seconds while a toast is transparent
-		Optional<toast_callback_t>		on_delete_toast,
-										on_mouse_enter;
+		Optional<toast_callback_t>		on_delete_toast;
 		Optional<bool>					can_fade,
 	// Registers signals/callbacks for events
 	toast_signal_t mOnFadeSignal;
-	toast_signal_t mOnMouseEnterSignal;
 	toast_signal_t mOnDeleteToastSignal;
 	toast_signal_t mOnToastDestroyedSignal;
 	boost::signals2::connection setOnFadeCallback(toast_callback_t cb) { return mOnFadeSignal.connect(cb); }
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