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Insert parameters for Search project viewer (replacing old Display Name viewer)

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 gooey.build_viewer_update_version_manager = false
 # ========================================
-# Display Names project
+# Search Project
 # ======================================== =
-viewer-identity.build_Debug = false
-viewer-identity.build_RelWithDebInfo = false
-viewer-identity.build_viewer = true
-viewer-identity.build_server = false
-viewer-identity.build_server_tests = false
-viewer-identity.build_Linux = true
-viewer-identity.build_hg_bundle = true
-viewer-identity.bulld_docs = true
-viewer-identity.viewer_channel = "Second Life Project Viewer"
-viewer-identity.login_channel = "Second Life Project Viewer"
-viewer-identity.viewer_grid = aditi
-viewer-identity.build_viewer_update_version_manager = false
+search_project-viewer.build_debug_release_separately = true
+search_project-viewer.viewer_channel = "Project Viewer Search"
+search_project-viewer.login_channel = "Project Viewer Search"
 # ========================================
 # palange
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