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Updating 'createPick' behavior to mirror new 'createClassified' behavior

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 	void createPick()
-		LLSD params;
-		params["id"] = gAgent.getID();
-		params["open_tab_name"] = "panel_picks";
-		params["show_tab_panel"] = "create_pick";
-		LLFloaterSidePanelContainer::showPanel("my_profile", params);
+		// open the new pick panel on the Picks floater
+		LLFloater* picks_floater = LLFloaterReg::showInstance("picks");
+		LLPanelPicks* picks = picks_floater->findChild<LLPanelPicks>("panel_picks");
+		picks->createNewPick();
 	void editPick(LLPickData* pick_info)
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