leslie_linden avatar leslie_linden committed afc4828

EXP-1538 FIX -- New tags shown for items in subfolders in received items panel which remain after minimizing parent folder

* "new" tag determination for LLInboxFolderViewItem is now done on "addToFolder" rather than at construction time
to avoid computing "new" for items not directly in the top level folder.

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 	, mFresh(false)
-	computeFreshness();
+BOOL LLInboxFolderViewItem::addToFolder(LLFolderViewFolder* folder, LLFolderView* root)
+	BOOL retval = LLFolderViewItem::addToFolder(folder, root);
+	// Compute freshness if our parent is the root folder for the inbox
+	if (mParentFolder == mRoot)
+	{
+		computeFreshness();
+	}
+	return retval;
 BOOL LLInboxFolderViewItem::handleDoubleClick(S32 x, S32 y, MASK mask)
 	return TRUE;
 	gSavedPerAccountSettings.setU32("LastInventoryInboxActivity", time_corrected());
-void LLInboxFolderViewItem::setCreationDate(time_t creation_date_utc)
-	mCreationDate = creation_date_utc; 
-	if (mParentFolder == mRoot)
-	{
-		computeFreshness();
-	}
 // eof


 	LLInboxFolderViewFolder(const Params& p);
 	void draw();
 	void selectItem();
 	LLInboxFolderViewItem(const Params& p);
+	BOOL addToFolder(LLFolderViewFolder* folder, LLFolderView* root);
 	BOOL handleDoubleClick(S32 x, S32 y, MASK mask);
 	void draw();
 	bool isFresh() const { return mFresh; }
-	void setCreationDate(time_t creation_date_utc);
 	bool mFresh;
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