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Josh Bell
Showstopper merge from maintenance svn merge -r 56564:56570 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/maintenance NOTE: This skips -r 56560:56464 which should be merged after being QA'd
Josh Bell
svn merge -r 56431:56560 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/maintenance
Josh Bell
svn merge -r 56262:56561 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/Branch_1-13-1 Reviewed by doug. This code is running on Agni, but needed to merge into doug's new nightly stuff.
Rob Lanphier
Use actual planned license header (GPL, FLOSS exception, alternative available) Add floss exception doc
Aaron Brashears
Result of svn merge -r56461:56474 svn+ssh://svn/svn/linden/branches/llscene-shuffle into release.
Josh Bell
svn merge svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/release@56429 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/maintenance@56431 This turned up the following "lost" changes: llapp.cpp (from maintenance r55371) - SIGPIPE fix, possibly llfontgl.cpp (from maintenance r50207) - whitespace only inventorybridge.cpp (property - non-executable) skins/xui/*/* (from maintenance r55380) - XML processing instruction went AWOL
Rob Lanphier
Adding doc directory, with GPL license in it. Adding missing libopenjpeg.a for Darwin release.
Aaron Brashears
corrected, removed, and updated comments throughout the code to be more useful. no code changes. SL-13762
Andrew Meadows
svn merge -r 54741:56417 svn+ssh://svn.lindenlab.com/svn/linden/branches/andrew Picking up some interestlist cleanup that passed testing.
James Cook
Print done when done.
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