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MAINT-778, MAINT-793 Fix for crash when enabling Debug GL on Mobile Intel 4 Express. Don't pop up driver update notification if GPU class is < 1

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-	if (gGLManager.mHasVertexShader)
+	if (gGLManager.mHasVertexShader && LLGLSLShader::sNoFixedFunction)
 	{	//make sure vertex attribs are all disabled
 		GLint count;
 		glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS_ARB, &count);


 	if (gGLManager.mIsIntel && 
-		LLFeatureManager::getInstance()->getRecommendedValue("WindLightUseAtmosShaders") > 0 &&
+		LLFeatureManager::getInstance()->getGPUClass() > 0 &&
 		gGLManager.mGLVersion <= 3.f)
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