Monty Brandenberg avatar Monty Brandenberg committed bb10adc

Tweak the example program (used as a performance tester) so that it
will run with higher connection concurrencies. I'm using this to
test the listener queue length reporting on apaches and everything
is consistent and as expected with this change (stuck at eight before).

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 int main(int argc, char** argv)
+	LLCore::HttpStatus status;
 	bool do_random(false);
 	bool do_verbose(false);
 	// Initialization
+	LLCore::HttpRequest::setPolicyClassOption(LLCore::HttpRequest::DEFAULT_POLICY_ID,
+											  LLCore::HttpRequest::CP_CONNECTION_LIMIT,
+											  concurrency_limit);
 	// Get service point
 	ws.mRandomRange = do_random;
 	ws.mVerbose = do_verbose;
-	ws.mMaxConcurrency = concurrency_limit;
+	ws.mMaxConcurrency = 100;
 	if (! ws.mTextures.size())
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