Vadim Savchuk  committed bb5a825

EXT-8727 FIXED Potential fix for a crash in LLAppearanceMgr::updateClothingOrderingInfo.

I couldn't reproduce the problem (it has happened for only two users, both running MacOSX),
but from what I see in the logs, it might have been caused by (or related to) NULL COF items.
I haven't found out how they appear nor what exactly causes the crash, but just for any
case I added a check to make sure we don't try to update wearables ordering info for such items.

Reviewed by Sergey Litovchuk at

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Files changed (4)

File indra/newview/llagentwearablesfetch.cpp

 	LLInventoryModel::cat_array_t cat_array;
 	LLInventoryModel::item_array_t wearable_array;
 	LLFindWearables is_wearable;
+	llassert_always(mComplete.size() != 0);
 	gInventory.collectDescendentsIf(mComplete.front(), cat_array, wearable_array, 
 									LLInventoryModel::EXCLUDE_TRASH, is_wearable);

File indra/newview/llappearancemgr.cpp

 void LLAppearanceMgr::divvyWearablesByType(const LLInventoryModel::item_array_t& items, wearables_by_type_t& items_by_type)
-	items_by_type.reserve(LLWearableType::WT_COUNT);
+	items_by_type.resize(LLWearableType::WT_COUNT);
 	if (items.empty()) return;
 	for (S32 i=0; i<items.count(); i++)
 		LLViewerInventoryItem *item = items.get(i);
+		if (!item)
+		{
+			LL_WARNS("Appearance") << "NULL item found" << llendl;
+			continue;
+		}
 		// Ignore non-wearables.
 		if (!item->isWearableType())
 struct WearablesOrderComparator
+	LOG_CLASS(WearablesOrderComparator);
 	WearablesOrderComparator(const LLWearableType::EType type)
 		mControlSize = build_order_string(type, 0).size();

File indra/newview/llappearancemgr.h

 class LLAppearanceMgr: public LLSingleton<LLAppearanceMgr>
+	LOG_CLASS(LLAppearanceMgr);
 	friend class LLSingleton<LLAppearanceMgr>;
 	friend class LLOutfitUnLockTimer;

File indra/newview/llinventorymodel.cpp

 		for(S32 i = 0; i < count; ++i)
 			item = item_array->get(i);
-			if (item->getActualType() == LLAssetType::AT_LINK_FOLDER)
+			if (item && item->getActualType() == LLAssetType::AT_LINK_FOLDER)
 				LLViewerInventoryCategory *linked_cat = item->getLinkedCategory();
 				if (linked_cat && linked_cat->getPreferredType() != LLFolderType::FT_OUTFIT)