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EXP-974 FIX Inventory Keystroke Behavior No Longer Working

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 	return FALSE;
+BOOL LLScrollContainer::handleUnicodeCharHere(llwchar uni_char)
+	if (mScrolledView && mScrolledView->handleUnicodeCharHere(uni_char))
+	{
+		return TRUE;
+	}
+	return FALSE;
 BOOL LLScrollContainer::handleScrollWheel( S32 x, S32 y, S32 clicks )
 	// Give event to my child views - they may have scroll bars


 	// LLView functionality
 	virtual void	reshape(S32 width, S32 height, BOOL called_from_parent = TRUE);
 	virtual BOOL	handleKeyHere(KEY key, MASK mask);
+	virtual BOOL	handleUnicodeCharHere(llwchar uni_char);
 	virtual BOOL	handleScrollWheel( S32 x, S32 y, S32 clicks );
 	virtual BOOL	handleDragAndDrop(S32 x, S32 y, MASK mask, BOOL drop,
 								   EDragAndDropType cargo_type,


 	BOOL handled = FALSE;
-	if (gFocusMgr.childHasKeyboardFocus(getRoot()))
+	if (mParentPanel->hasFocus())
 		// SL-51858: Key presses are not being passed to the Popup menu.
 		// A proper fix is non-trivial so instead just close the menu.
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