leslie_linden avatar leslie_linden committed bcaaa11

SH-2726 FIX -- Texture Console and Debug Console inaccessable

* Removed debug view post build step and moved initialization to first draw for proper setup.

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 	gTextureCategoryView = NULL;
-BOOL LLDebugView::postBuild()
-	mFloaterSnapRegion = getRootView()->getChildView("floater_snap_region");
-	return TRUE;
 void LLDebugView::init()
 	LLRect r;
 void LLDebugView::draw()
+	if (mFloaterSnapRegion == NULL)
+	{
+		mFloaterSnapRegion = getRootView()->getChildView("floater_snap_region");
+	}
 	LLRect debug_rect;
 	mFloaterSnapRegion->localRectToOtherView(mFloaterSnapRegion->getLocalRect(), &debug_rect, getParent());


 	LLDebugView(const Params&);
-	BOOL postBuild();
 	void init();
 	void draw();
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