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STORM-579 FIXED SLURLs color for residents and objects names in plain text chat match the user setting for "URLs" in the Color tab in Prefs.
Avatar names SLURLs now use the user color setting for "URLs" everywhere across the viewer.

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 LLStyle::Params LLUrlEntryAgent::getStyle() const
 	LLStyle::Params style_params = LLUrlEntryBase::getStyle();
-	style_params.color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("AgentLinkColor");
-	style_params.readonly_color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("AgentLinkColor");
+	style_params.color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("HTMLLinkColor");
+	style_params.readonly_color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("HTMLLinkColor");
 	return style_params;


 				// set the link for the object name to be the objectim SLapp
 				// (don't let object names with hyperlinks override our objectim Url)
 				LLStyle::Params link_params(style_params);
-				link_params.color.control = "HTMLLinkColor";
+				LLColor4 link_color = LLUIColorTable::instance().getColor("HTMLLinkColor");
+				link_params.color = link_color;
+				link_params.readonly_color = link_color;
 				link_params.is_link = true;
 				link_params.link_href = url;
 				mEditor->appendText(chat.mFromName + delimiter,
 									false, link_params);
 			else if ( chat.mFromName != SYSTEM_FROM && chat.mFromID.notNull() && !message_from_log)
 				LLStyle::Params link_params(style_params);
-				// Setting is_link = true for agent SLURL to avoid applying default style to it.
-				// See LLTextBase::appendTextImpl().
-				link_params.is_link = true;
-				link_params.link_href = LLSLURL("agent", chat.mFromID, "inspect").getSLURLString();
+				link_params.overwriteFrom(LLStyleMap::instance().lookupAgent(chat.mFromID));
 				// Add link to avatar's inspector and delimiter to message.
-				mEditor->appendText(chat.mFromName, false, link_params);
-				mEditor->appendText(delimiter, false, style_params);
+				mEditor->appendText(std::string(link_params.link_href) + delimiter, false, link_params);
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