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STORM-1482 Change the defaults, look in the app_settings dir for configs as well.

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 LLCrashLogger::LLCrashLogger() :
-	mCrashBehavior(CRASH_BEHAVIOR_ASK),
 S32 LLCrashLogger::loadCrashBehaviorSetting()
+	// First check user_settings (in the user's home dir)
 	std::string filename = gDirUtilp->getExpandedFilename(LL_PATH_USER_SETTINGS, CRASH_SETTINGS_FILE);
+	if (! mCrashSettings.loadFromFile(filename))
+	{
+		// Next check app_settings (in the SL program dir)
+		std::string filename = gDirUtilp->getExpandedFilename(LL_PATH_APP_SETTINGS, CRASH_SETTINGS_FILE);
+		mCrashSettings.loadFromFile(filename);
+	}
-	mCrashSettings.loadFromFile(filename);
+	// If we didn't load any files above, this will return the default
 	S32 value = mCrashSettings.getS32("CrashSubmitBehavior");
+	// Whatever value we got, make sure it's valid
 	switch (value)
 	// Set the log file to crashreport.log
-	mCrashSettings.declareS32("CrashSubmitBehavior", CRASH_BEHAVIOR_ASK,
+	mCrashSettings.declareS32("CrashSubmitBehavior", CRASH_BEHAVIOR_ALWAYS_SEND,
 							  "Controls behavior when viewer crashes "
 							  "(0 = ask before sending crash report, "
 							  "1 = always send crash report, "
 							  "2 = never send crash report)");
-	llinfos << "Loading crash behavior setting" << llendl;
-	mCrashBehavior = loadCrashBehaviorSetting();
+	// llinfos << "Loading crash behavior setting" << llendl;
+	// mCrashBehavior = loadCrashBehaviorSetting();
 	// If user doesn't want to send, bail out
 	if (mCrashBehavior == CRASH_BEHAVIOR_NEVER_SEND)
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