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EXP-1639 WIP Added debugging messages.

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 	BOOL got_snap = previewp && previewp->getSnapshotUpToDate();
 	// *TODO: Separate maximum size for Web images from postcards
-	//lldebugs << "Is snapshot up-to-date? " << got_snap << llendl;
+	lldebugs << "Is snapshot up-to-date? " << got_snap << llendl;
 	LLLocale locale(LLLocale::USER_LOCALE);
 	std::string bytes_string;
 			getPreviewView(view)->updateSnapshot(FALSE, TRUE);
+				lldebugs << "Will update controls" << llendl;
 				setNeedRefresh(view, true);
 		changed |= LLSnapshotLivePreview::onIdle(*iter);
+	lldebugs << "changed: " << changed << llendl;
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