Monty Brandenberg avatar Monty Brandenberg committed cac4097

SH-3328 Permanently add 'QAModeHttpTrace' setting to control llcorehttp trace functionality
llcorehttp implements a nice trace facility but it hasn't been attached to
an external control to date. This hands over control to a *non-persistent*
setting that can be used for QA or field diagnostics.

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 	// 1 - Basic start, stop simple transitions
 	// 2 - libcurl CURLOPT_VERBOSE mode with brief lines
 	// 3 - with partial data content
-	status = LLCore::HttpRequest::setPolicyGlobalOption(LLCore::HttpRequest::GP_TRACE, 0);
+	long trace_level(0L);
+	trace_level = long(gSavedSettings.getU32("QAModeHttpTrace"));
+	status = LLCore::HttpRequest::setPolicyGlobalOption(LLCore::HttpRequest::GP_TRACE, trace_level);
 	// Setup default policy and constrain if directed to
 	mPolicyDefault = LLCore::HttpRequest::DEFAULT_POLICY_ID;
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