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EXP-1482 FIX LLInitParam::Parser spam in secondlife.log file when entering a search term in location bar launching the search window
reviewed by Merov

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 static 	LLInitParam::Parser::parser_inspect_func_map_t sInspectFuncs;
 static const LLSD NO_VALUE_MARKER;
+LLFastTimer::DeclareTimer FTM_SD_PARAM_ADAPTOR("LLSD to LLInitParam conversion");
 // LLParamSDParser


 	LLSD*					mCurWriteSD;
+extern LLFastTimer::DeclareTimer FTM_SD_PARAM_ADAPTOR;
 template<typename T>
 class LLSDParamAdapter : public T
 	LLSDParamAdapter() {}
 	LLSDParamAdapter(const LLSD& sd)
 		LLParamSDParser parser;
-		parser.readSD(sd, *this);
+		// don't spam for implicit parsing of LLSD, as we want to allow arbitrary freeform data and ignore most of it
+		bool parse_silently = true;
+		parser.readSD(sd, *this, parse_silently);
 	operator LLSD() const