Paul ProductEngine avatar Paul ProductEngine committed d6c4b78

STORM-357 FIXED Gestures button is in the pressed state after drag-n-drop but gestures list isn't visible.

- Because the Gesture Combo List isn't child of gViewerWindow->getNonSideTrayView(), after focus lost the gesture list becomes hidden under world.
To avoid this, send child to front in each draw.

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 	return handled; 		
+void LLGestureComboList::draw()
+	LLUICtrl::draw();
+	if(mButton->getToggleState())
+	{
+		showList();
+	}
 void LLGestureComboList::showList()
 	LLRect rect = mList->getRect();
 	// Show the list and push the button down
+	sendChildToFront(mList);


 	virtual void	hideList();
 	virtual BOOL	handleKeyHere(KEY key, MASK mask);
+	virtual void	draw();
 	S32				getCurrentIndex() const;
 	void			onItemSelected(const LLSD& data);
 	void			sortByName(bool ascending = true);
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