Andrew Dyukov  committed d929400

EXT-8425 ADDITIONAL FIX Fixed broken translation of accelerators which was introduced by fix of this bug in changeset 14331:11122e1fc5cf.

Removed "Key_" prefix from new key strings and from function that finds them, because it broke translation of old accelerator strings.

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File indra/llxuixml/lltrans.h

 		std::string key_str(keystring);
 		std::string trans_str;
-		return findString(trans_str, "Key_" + key_str) ? trans_str : key_str; 
+		return findString(trans_str, key_str) ? trans_str : key_str; 
 	// get the default args

File indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/strings.xml

 	<string name="accel-win-alt">Alt+</string>
 	<string name="accel-win-shift">Shift+</string>
-	<string name="Key_Esc">Esc</string>
-	<string name="Key_Home">Home</string>
+	<string name="Esc">Esc</string>
+	<string name="Home">Home</string>
 	<!-- Previews -->
 	<string name="FileSaved">File Saved</string>