Merov Linden avatar Merov Linden committed e18994c

EXP-1354 : Fixed. Toolbars now saved whenever changing their config and only if initialized correctly.

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-	mDragToolbarButton(NULL)
+	mDragToolbarButton(NULL),
+	mToolbarsLoaded(false)
+	mToolbarsLoaded = true;
 	return true;
 	if (gToolBarView)
 		retval = gToolBarView->loadToolbars(true);
+		if (retval)
+		{
+			gToolBarView->saveToolbars();
+		}
 	return retval;
 void LLToolBarView::saveToolbars() const
+	if (!mToolbarsLoaded)
+		return;
 	// Build the parameter tree from the toolbar data
 	LLToolBarView::ToolbarSet toolbar_set;
 	if (mToolbarLeft)
 				int new_rank = toolbar->getRankFromPosition(x,y);
 				toolbar->addCommand(command_id, new_rank);
+			// Save the new toolbars configuration
+			gToolBarView->saveToolbars();


 	LLToolBar*	mToolbarLeft;
 	LLToolBar*	mToolbarRight;
 	LLToolBar*	mToolbarBottom;
+	bool		mToolbarsLoaded;
 	bool				mDragStarted;
 	LLToolBarButton*	mDragToolbarButton;
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